Quilted cotton: endless possibilities in every stitch

Quilting fabrics are often considered the go-to material only for cozy blankets and vintage-inspired quilts. However, the arrival of Liberty of London quilted cotton fabrics at Mood should bring new inspiration. The range of possibilities offered by the collections is vast, combining classic design and versatile functionality.

Fashion Forward: quilted fabrics on the catwalks

When it comes to fashion, quilting fabrics are often overlooked. Yet there is an opportunity to create unique and remarkable pieces that stand out. These fabrics are perfect for structured garments like jackets and vests, or for adding a touch of tradition to modern silhouettes like A-line skirts and aprons. Quilting cotton's integration into fashion isn't just about the distinctive prints and colors available; it's also about texture and creating a narrative with your clothes. You can juxtapose the softness of cotton with tougher materials like leather for an unexpected mix, or use quilted fabric to add a tactile dimension to otherwise smooth surfaces. Sewing Tip: When using quilting cotton for clothing, consider lining the garment to prevent stiffness and ensure a comfortable drape. Additionally, because quilting cotton does not stretch, be sure to consider the ease and movement of your designs. For a truly bespoke touch, try adding hand-stitched details using embroidery techniques that will complement many quilted prints.

Quilting, of course: reviving a timeless tradition

Quilting itself is an art form that is both nostalgic and ever-evolving. Liberty of London quilting cottons, with their iconic prints, can transform your quilting projects into heirloom pieces that marry the past with the present. Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these fabrics are forgiving and easy to work with, making them ideal for complex piecings or simple blocks. Tip: Open your seams to get a flatter, neater finish to your quilt. Quilting with Liberty fabrics is not just sewing; this is the opportunity to create a personal gallery of patterns and shades. Each quilt tells a story through its stitches, and the variety of designs from floral to geometric provides a rich enough vocabulary for any tale. For those who want to honor tradition while adding their own twist, consider using quilting cotton for unconventional projects, like quilted coats or even shoes, merging the comforting aesthetic of quilting with everyday functionality.

Home is where the quilt is: stylish interior design options

Beyond fashion and traditional quilting, these fabrics invite a touch of elegance to your interior. Cushions, curtains, and even table linens made with quilted fabrics can instantly elevate any space. They are sturdy enough for everyday use but delicate enough to be decorative. Sewing Tip: Use stabilizer when making home decor items with quilting cotton to add body and durability. The higher thread count of quilting cotton not only lends a pleasant weight that speaks to quality, but also ensures that the vibrant prints remain vibrant even after multiple washes. Imagine reupholstering a vintage armchair with a quilted print, giving it new life. Or perhaps create a wall decoration that will become the centerpiece of a room, infusing it with color and personality. With quilting cotton, your designs can be both beautiful and functional, transforming everyday objects into works of art.

Sewing Tips for Working with Quilted Fabrics

Quilting fabrics are a joy to work with, but they have their own set of best practices. Pre-washing is essential to prevent shrinkage once your project is complete. Always use a sharp quilting needle which will work for most quilting cottons. Use cotton batting for small projects to prevent fabric migration. For machine sewing, a 2.5mm length straight stitch is your go-to, but don't be afraid to experiment with decorative stitches, especially when topstitching.

Accessories to love: small projects with big impact

Small sewing projects like totes, purses, and even wearable accessories like bow ties and headbands can be enhanced with the use of quilting fabrics. These projects not only provide great practice for those new to sewing, but also make wonderful handmade gifts. Tip: Use heavier stabilizer for bags to give them the necessary structure.

The art of mixed media: combining fabrics

One of the exciting aspects of sewing is mixing and matching different textures and materials. Combining the softness of quilting cotton with the ruggedness of denim or the shine of satin can create an exciting contrast in your projects. This is where quilted fabrics can really shine, providing patterned balance to solid partners. Sewing Tip: When mixing fabrics, always take note of the care instructions for each to ensure your finished project lasts.

Practical advice for every seamstress

Working with quilting fabrics isn't just about creativity; it is also a question of precision and care. When cutting your pieces, use a rotary cutter and mat for accuracy. Secure your diapers with pins or basting spray to keep them from moving. And remember, pressing your fabric is just as important as sewing it. It keeps your seams neat and your project looks professional.

As these new fabrics come into your hands, they carry the promise of endless creativity. Whether you're creating a bespoke wardrobe, quilting a masterpiece or adding personalized touches to your home, Liberty of London quilting cottons are versatile companions for any sewing journey. With the Mood fabric range, you're not just buying material; you are investing in a design heritage and the freedom to create it

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