pumpkin spice…plus some lovely green frothy sea things – Handmade by Carolyn

Good morning! I finished creating a few new things, both from a deep stash. I can't stress enough how happy it makes me to methodically use up your old stash! I feel so virtuous. Especially since a large part was not even purchased by me, but was imposed on me – and I must say here that I really appreciate everything that was given to me, many pieces were turned out to be very beautiful. and of good quality, and very useful also when it comes to testing models and new designs! It is also true that I am at a stage in my life where I want to reduce it, for good. I dream of a more minimalist future and I am determined to make it come true.

First of all; a new dress for me, using a pattern that has become a favorite; the Deer and Doe Myosotis dress pattern. Such a pretty and feminine design; I think maybe I should always have one hanging in my closet. My blue and white gingham Myosotis is currently being worn by Cassie as a maternity dress, and with great success too! quite indicative of its comfort.

The fabric is a very pretty pumpkin-colored silk crepe, very light and floaty, almost translucent. I'll definitely wear it with briefs, I think.

I honestly don't remember where I bought this fabric, or even if I bought it; and if not, who gave it to me? Honestly, a complete mystery! Which makes me think it was probably part of a stash I inherited at some point. Never mind! I really like it and I think the color suits me very well.

Item 2! a little knitted jacket and hat set for Cassie's new baby…the last time I went to my parents' house I bought this little pamphlet of patterns at a yarn and quilting store in Bridgetown; Son Naturally K679. I wanted to buy something for the baby and also support a local business, but honestly I felt very conflicted about buying a finished product when I SHOULD be using my own supplies…. Anyway, I managed to achieve both.

This set is 6 to 9 months old. All the threads come from the very large stash of threads that I have inherited over time – and no; I am NOT accepting new submissions! I really think I could have a lifetime of knitting ahead of me, without any purchases… It was still kind of fun trying to turn the scraps I had into some sort of design idea, and I'm very happy with the result! I literally used ALL of ALL of these yarns, except for a small amount of lime green yarn used for the hat and collar. It's the most exciting thing to successfully use yarn, even in a semi-aesthetic way. Is not it?!! So proud!!

Finally, point 3; and this unfortunately doesn't come from my own reservation, but from Cassie's. I volunteered to make one of the fabrics she had purchased for her summer/fall nursing wardrobe. What else can we do other than one of our own Yallingup designs?! We both believe deeply in this design and it's a little sad that it wasn't as popular as we hoped. I wonder if it's not clear that the regular version and the breastfeeding version are actually separate models, even though they look similar on the outside?

Either way, we both love it! and Cassie herself invented a number of breastfeeding-friendly versions for her time with this new baby. And this is the one I made for her.

The fabric is a Nano Iro Air Time design in color B. It is so beautiful that it would make literally anything look absolutely amazing. Hey, I still believe our Yallingup is equally beautiful independently! I couldn't fit the pattern pieces onto the small piece of fabric in the traditional way, so the front and back are top to bottom, and the wrap piece is cut on the cross, with the ends of the tie cut and reconstituted from leftovers.

I had to cut the facing from a separate piece of plain white cotton due to lack of fabric. She models it here, over 8 months pregnant, sure it's a little short but it's not too bad for a non-maternity design! It will be even better once she leaves the pregnancy phase and enters the breastfeeding phase, which is what it is designed for.

That's all for the moment! I still have a few, unphotographed and yet to blog, up my sleeve! In the meantime… 🙂


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