Pumpkin Face Quilted Coaster Set

Use our fun mix and match sewing patterns with pumpkin faces to create a set of quilted mug mats (or quilted coasters) that, when used together, create a cute jack-o-lantern!

While it may seem a little early for a Halloween-themed mug rug, it's really never too early to start sewing (or at least planning your sewing) for the upcoming holiday.


Our Mug Rug design for September is a set of small mug rugs that transform into a pumpkin face and can double as a set of quilted coasters!

Pumpkin Mug Mat Pattern

I designed these Pumpkin Face Mug Mats as a coordinating set because I think they individually look like a simple fall project, but when grouped together, the “full story” of the set becomes reality!

Pumpkin face mug mat on white table with coffee cups

This month's skill focus is reverse appliqué. This is a fun technique that creates the effect of your appliqué design being in the background of the mug mat rather than in the foreground.

Pumpkin face mug mat on white table with coffee cups

I thought this was especially perfect for these Halloween pumpkin face shapes, because usually you would carve the face into a pumpkin, and it looked a bit like “carving” into the main fabric and leaving a dark space.

Cup mat models and focus on technique

  1. January: Fabric Flash Mug Mat – Use of selvedges
  2. February: First edition Mug Rug – Difficult cut
  3. March: English Bloom Mug Rug – English Paper Piecing (EPP)
  4. April: Coffee Booth Cup Mat – Binder with Quilt Backing
  5. May: Street Party Garland – Raw Edge Applique
  6. June: Big Stitch mug rug – Hand quilting
  7. July: Summer Sun Cup Mat – Improv Piecing
  8. August: Heart Mug Rug – Patchwork Piecing

How to get pattern pieces

Pumpkin face mug mat on white table with coffee cups


four orange and black pumpkin shaped coasters on table with coffee cup

Pumpkin Face Quilted Mug Mat Set

Amy Ball

Create a “hidden” jack-o-lantern face with four different mug mats, with our free Quilted Pumpkin Mug Mat pattern.

Preparation time 30 minutes

Active time 3 hours

Total time 3 hours 30 minutes



  • ¼ court Orange main fabric not a big quarter
  • 1 big eighth Black Fabric Background
  • ¼ court Backing fabric


  • 4 pieces 6¼” square beater
  • 1 piece Freezer paper
  • PDF templates fill out the form on this page to receive the PDF template by email.



  • From orange fabric, cut a 7″ square (4).

  • From black fabric, cut 4½” x 5½” (2), 5″ x 3½” (1) and 7″ x 3½” (1).

  • From the backing fabric, cut a 7″ square (4).

  • From freezer paper, cut a 5½” square (3) and a 6½” square (1).


  • Print the PDF templates on thick paper or thin cardboard and cut them out.

  • Take the pieces of freezer paper and attach the templates to the center of each (on the matte and paper side) with a bit of tape. Draw around the templates using a pencil. The nose and eyes fit 5½” square pieces, and the mouth fits 6½” square pieces. Remember to trace the eye twice, but flip the template over a second time.
  • Cut out the four traced shapes from the center to create a hole in the middle of each Freeze Paper square. Then merge, using an iron, the four squares of paper on the back of the four squares of Orange Fabric, shiny/waxed side of the paper against the fabric. Be careful to position the paper squares in the center of the fabric.
  • Using a fabric pen, draw a ⅜” seam allowance (¼” for the mouth shape) inside the cut-out shapes from the freezer paper.

  • Now cut along the drawn lines.

  • Carefully cut the seam allowance from the fabric inside the freezer paper shapes. This is especially important along curved lines and in sharp corners.

  • Press the cut seam allowance on each shape toward the freezer paper.

  • Remove the paper from the freezer (it should peel away easily) and press carefully again. You should now have a small window in each of the four squares of orange fabric.

  • With the orange fabric squares having the wrong side of the fabric facing you, take the black fabric pieces and pin them right sides together to cover the small window shapes. The two 4½” x 5½” rectangles will fit the eyes, the 5″ x 3½” rectangle will fit the nose, and the 7″ x 3½” rectangle will fit the mouth.

  • Turn the orange fabric squares over and carefully transfer the pins from step 9 to the front. You don't have to do this step, but I prefer to be able to remove the pins as I sew, and it's much easier when they are on the front.

  • Using orange thread, stitch near the edge of the four shapes.

  • Press well.


About the designer

photo of Amy

Amy lives in the north of England with her husband and son. When she's not sewing or quilting, Amy can usually be found cooking or reading. You can find her on Instagram @amyatthegate

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