Pink Jumpsuit — Made by Rae


First, sew Gemma

Topstitched collar and armholes (SEE IMPORTANT!).

Finish the bottom edges (hems) with an overlock stitch or overlocker

Attach a strip of interfacing to the front center edges of Gemma, then fold it 1/4″, then 1.5″ inside out, and sew the edges down to create the plackets.

Then sew the front darts, shoulders, and one side seam completely, as well as the top 1.5 inches of the other side seam (leave the rest open for the zipper).

Add the bias binding to finish the collar and armholes according to the instructions.

Sew two vertical darts to the back, each 1″ wide, starting at the waist and tapering to the middle of the back, below the shoulder blades. This will remove 4″ of total width at the back and create a shape in the back.

Baste the placket together at the bottom.

Try it on to make sure you can take it on and off on your hips.

Then sew Rose

Finish the edges of the side seams of the fronts and backs separately (overlock or serger)

Sew the center (crotch) seams and one side seam completely, as well as the other side seam from hip height (just basting is recommended; you don't know exactly where the zipper will end yet). Make sure it's the same side you left open for Gemma.

Sew the crotches.

Gather the top edges of the front and back (two lines of basting stitches; leave long tails for gathering)

Then water Gemma and Rose together.

Basting is quite important because you don't know if you'll be able to get it on and off until you've done this step – and you'll probably adjust the rise at least once.

Pin the Rose Gathered Bottom to the Gemma Hem, match the side seams and centers, and adjust the gathering stitches until they are the same width. Baste together with a 1/2″ seam.

You should now be able to try it on and gauge the length. This is where I'm pretty sure I removed some height from the front and back of Rose, but I think the back was less long than the front. I pinned the front legs of the Gemma and pinned the side where the zipper will go to get an idea of ​​the overall fit at this point as well.

You want the crotch seam to fall in a position where you can comfortably sit and stand without too much sagging or pulling. I also wanted the waist seam to be somewhat fitted, to balance the baggy nature of the pants and serve as a counterpoint to the gathered bottoms. You can increase the back darts a little (or even add front waist darts)

Once you are happy with it, sew and finish the waist seam, then finish the crotch.

Finish it all

Add the invisible zipper (just below the armpit section you sewed). Attach the bottom of the zipper at about hip height, then cut and discard the bottom part of the zipper (which you don't need) and sew/finish the rest of that side seam.

Hem the pants to the desired height and add the buttons and buttonholes.

If you want patch pockets, add those at the side seams, slightly centered toward the front, and so that they just cover the bottom of the invisible zipper on that side.

(Tutorial: How to make patch pockets)

So ! Combination!!!

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