Patch as patch can: Hole-y Jeans

We all have our favorite things to wear and sometimes we wear them too long and they show the signs of their favorite status. Jeans are one of those items of clothing in most wardrobes. But don't give up and throw them away. Instead, get creative with fixing them so you can keep them longer.

Of course, there's nothing wrong with wearing ripped jeans, if you like the look. Some people pay a lot of money for such details. But if it's not your favorite look and the clothes have just wreaked havoc on your favorite duds, get creative. (1)

Denim patch

Denim is made from threads of two different colors: often dark blue and white, or blue and another color. You may be able to see both colors in a worn or holed area. (2)

Denim patch

Take advantage of two-tone threads for a fun patched look. (3)

Denim patch

For a quick and easy repair, simply sew a pre-made patch over the worn or torn area using a simple straight stitch. (4)

Denim patch

For a slightly more artistic look, create your own patches from old denim “patches”, using existing seams and topstitching. (5)

Denim patch

If you have a large area to cover, make a collage of jean pieces, including belt loops, for even more fun. (6)

Denim patch

Layer patches made from different denims and hand stitch around the edges. (7)

Denim patch

Use narrow contrasting bands to hide tears and make an artistic statement at the same time. (8)

Denim patch

Combine underlay patches with decorative hand stitching for a fun look. (9)

Denim patch

Use matching denim and make a few patches using your sewing machine's built-in decorative stitches, then zigzag the edges into place over the affected area. (ten)

Denim patch

If you need to reinforce the tear or hole in your jeans due to their size, add a layer of iron-on or sewn interfacing under the affected area before beginning the repair process. This will help keep things together and give you something to anchor yourself to. Cut off any excess once it is anchored. (11)

Denim patch

If the threads are still intact in the worn area, use them as a design element. Add a layer underneath and stitch back and forth over the threaded area to anchor. (12)

Denim patch

Cut the threads around the patched area… (13)

Denim patch

Or leave them ragged, depending on the look you like. (14 and 15)

Denim patch
Denim patch

Spread the seams around the repaired area so the repair appears useful. (16)

Denim patch

Or, if you prefer a neater edge, turn under the outer edges and sew to the bottom layer. (17)

Denim patch

However you choose to repair your jeans, just make sure you give them a little love and they'll last you a little longer. (18)

Denim patch

~Linda Griepentrog is the owner of G Wiz Creative Services and she writes, edits, and designs for businesses in the sewing, crafting, and quilting industries. Additionally, she accompanies fabric shopping tours in Hong Kong. She lives on the Oregon Coast with her husband Keith and three dogs, Yohnuh, Abby and Lizzie. Contact her at .

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