Pants Redesign: 3 Ways to Restyle Pants

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Hello, my darlings. We bid farewell to pants month here at Sew Daily. But fear not, because our pants party is far from over! Picture this: neglected pants, languishing in the forgotten corners of our closets or waiting patiently on thrift store shelves, yearning for a chance to shine again. With a touch of creativity and a pinch of panache, we're here to transform those neglected pieces into fall and winter wonders. Get ready to witness the fashion transformation, where every pair of pants finds its chic place in our revamped wardrobes!

1. Turn a dress into a jumpsuit!

This one is such a fun idea. Have you noticed that thrift stores are starting to release long winter dresses? However, this season there is still something so chic and trendy about jumpsuits that a dress transformed into a jumpsuit is an exciting idea.

Check out how Nicole from @smilesfornicole on YouTube transforms a brown velvet dress into the cutest jumpsuit for a Christmas party! She sewed hers last minute, but it's never too early to start thinking about what you'll wear to your holiday work party this year!

Want to sew a jumpsuit from scratch? Look at this DIY Combination Pattern Hack by Amanda Carestio!

2. Turn a jumpsuit into overalls!

See how Sadie transformed a thrifty jumpsuit with old-fashioned details into a cute new overallscompleted with an embroidered bib.

Of course, overalls are still very trendy this year. If you want to create a new pair, the Longmont overalls are fan favorites! If you want a more comfortable option, check out the Moonstone Jumpsuit — the Sew Daily team calls this secret pajamas!

3. Turn overalls into a dress!

Check out what @febelsa DIY did on YouTube to turn thrifted overalls into an adorable dress. This would be so cute for cold fall days with tights and boots!

Sadie saw this fabulous inspiration on Pinterest. It's part of the Sacai Resort 2024 collection, and she thought it would make for super easy and economical recycling. All you need is a pair of bibs and a long flowing skirt. Sew the two together, and voila!

Inspiration from the Sacai Resort 2024 collection (Photo ©Vogue)

NEED Some brief instructions on how I do it.

******Sadie bought overalls and a flowy dress at a thrift store.******

She cut off the bottom portion of the pants from the overalls and added the lower flowy skirt of the dress.

She wore it with a turtleneck, tights and ankle boots for cooler temperatures. However, this item of clothing could easily transition into the warmer months next year! Thrifty victory!

Have you ever recycled or repurposed pants into something else? Share your sustainable pants projects with us! We're always looking for thrifty fashion tips!

Happy pant remodeling!

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