New procedure for connecting to the BERNINA blog

Dear readers

Do you have a user account that you use to log in to the BERNINA blog? Great! Thank you very much for joining our blog. Please take a few minutes to read the following information:

Starting today, blog registration will work a little differently than before. To simplify registration for our fans, we are introducing single sign-on for all BERNINA platforms. It will now be possible to log in to all BERNINA platforms – the blog, the inspiration online store and the BERNINA customer portal – with the same user data.

What's new?

First of all, the login page is different. So don't be surprised when you see the following login screen. Everything is correct and you are still at BERNINA 😊! After logging in, you will be returned to the blog.

The second important change concerns the login information. Previously, you could log in to the blog using your username. It was possible to log in with an email address, but it was not required. Now you can only log in using your email address.

The password remains the same. If you forgot it, you can click “Forgot Password” on the login page.

The following link will take you to the registration form:

BERNINA Blog – towards registration

Try it right away to see if it works! If you need help with registration, we will be happy to help. Below you will find information on what to do if something goes wrong.

Why do you even need a blog profile?

Don't have a blog profile yet and wondering why you need one? You can actually read the blog without registering. And it will stay that way. However, registration offers certain advantages:

  • Registered users can upload photos of their work to the Community section of the blog. Perhaps you recently completed a sewing, embroidery or quilting project that you are particularly proud of? Once registered, you can click “New Project” in the Community section to show us and other readers photos of your creation. We are excited to see your work!
  • Did you leave a comment under a blog post, your fingers were too fast or the keys were too small and you typed incorrectly? No problem! You can edit your blog comments as a logged in user.

Thanks to single sign-on, you can now also use your blog profile to order individual patterns or magazines. in the BERNINA inspiration online store or to connect to BERNINA Customer Portal. A single connection for three different platforms.

In the customer portal you will find service, support and warranty information in one place. Among other things, you can register BERNINA or bernette products there and manage newsletter subscriptions.

Don't have a blog profile yet, but want to create one now? My pleasure! Please follow this link:

Registration not working?

Want to log in, but single sign-on isn't working for you? Then send an email with the subject “WordPress Blog SSO Support” to Online[email protected]. Our specialists will be happy to help you!

Your BERNINA team

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