Nandita’s Wispy Garnet Top — Made by Rae

Here's what Nandita had to say about her Garnet:

“I will ALWAYS say yes to Rae because I love her style and designs. I used a dupatta (scarf) for my sleeves and panels. The bodice is a linen sheet. I was in Key Largo when I took these photos and even though it was SEAMY, I felt cool and chic in my summer fit. I wore this set to a dinner and received many compliments.

And his note on using gauze for the yoke, which can be a little tricky to use:

“I found the pattern easy to follow and the only thing I had trouble with was the burrito for finishing the yoke. I used a very wispy material so I hand basted as well as holding stitches and then used ditch stitches for finishing as I didn't want to risk further stretching.

This is a great tip!

I will also add that we include a note in the Garnet pattern on how to do the “stitch in the ditch” yoke finishing method which Nandita calls an alternative method to the burrito method. Just in case you need it!

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