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Even though I've had it for a few months now, it's a good time to tell you the story of how I acquired my new studio loft.

I've talked about our living situation before, but it's been a while, so if you're new here, I'll keep you posted.

In 2018, my husband and I purchased 20 acres in Montana. We were living in Oregon at the time (where I was born), but we wanted to return to where he spent much of his childhood. No, this has nothing to do with the TV show or the pandemic. This is us the day we signed the remarkably small stack of papers at the title company.

As 2021 arrived we built a small section of his shop and set up our caravan there. We called this Phase 1. We moved there full time in March 2022. Our giant trailer and everything we owned in the world was crammed into this small space for a while. My husband called inside our hamster trails.

After the move, we began phase 2, which involved moving the wall and building the rest of the store, which would also contain our living space. This last section on the right, from the last vertical beam, is where we currently live.

Once this was completed, my husband and son arranged the interior. It took a few months and went wonderfully.

However, one problem remained. Where were we going to put my sewing area? At that time I was in the store, which didn't work for anyone. My son was swapping snow tires on the truck ten feet away from me here.

Not to mention that my office was in the dining room, very far from the sewing area. Not ideal for writing instructions while working on a project. (Also note the printer on the right…in our room.)

One day, my husband and son were in the house discussing the problem, when they both looked at the kitchen and said, “What if we built a loft up there?”

Of course, I was all for the idea, but where could we put the stairs? After a lot of joking on their part about all the ways I could go up and down, we decided that a narrow staircase pointing towards the door (left here) would work just fine.

I was so excited to have my own space! And then… I had to wait. Things were constantly popping up, like cabinets and beams, but there was still some finishing work to be completed on the house before this project could begin.

Finally the big day has arrived. When everything started to come together, it seemed like everything happened quickly. The first thing was the support beams.

After that came a thick subfloor. In case you were wondering, it was a little nerve-wracking walking here without rails!

They installed LVT (luxury vinyl tile) flooring. I love the look and feel of this space. My only complaint is that the cord REALLY won't let go when I vacuum.

We didn't want the stairs to encroach on the living space any more than necessary, both physically and visually, so we opted for open treads that are not typically sized. Luckily my son is currently studying welding and fabrication in college and built this for me.

They coated some of the same wood as the support beams and installed them as stair treads. They look really pretty in the room. My husband also added hooks underneath for guests to hang their coats.

Since we were making this up as we went along, the final hurdle was figuring out what to use as a rail, because the baby giraffe DNA I'm sure I have means I'd eventually fall over the edge.

We tossed around many ideas, but in true Montana style, we ended up going with a livestock fence from the farm supply store. I love it. My grandchildren too.

As a side note, I was a little worried about what this loft was going to do to the kitchen. I was afraid it would look too closed in and ruin the effect of our high ceiling. It's quite the opposite. I love how the kitchen feels like its own space and we were able to move the lighting a little closer to the work area.

The last step was to move all my stuff into the loft. Oh boy, was that a plan. Some of my sewing and craft stuff had been in boxes for over a year by then.

I had a lot of cabinets and had everything planned out where it was going to go, down to the inch. After a purge, everything went well, and my sewing space and office were reunited.

I wanted to work in a designer wall, but obviously this space was simply not made for that. Realizing my cabinets were metal and I could use magnets was a surprise solution!

The space we live in now is not permanent for us. We are building a house on the other side of the garage in a few years, and it will become a place to house guests. Turns out when you move to Montana, people want to visit!

When that happens I'll have a new studio there, but in the meantime you won't find me complaining. ❤

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