My 23 Most Popular Free Sewing Patterns of 2023: What You Need to Sew in 2024

It’s been a great year for sewing! SewCanShe readers have used my free sewing patterns to make bags, quilts, kitchen items and more.

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Make 2024 YOUR best sewing year with these 23 most popular SewCanShe sewing patterns in 2023.

As always, I love it when you show me what you do. Tag me on Instagram using @sewcanshe. Happy sewing!

How to Make a Bowl Comfortable (FREE Step-by-Step TEMPLATE with 3 Sizes)

A cozy soup bowl is the greatest invention since the microwave! It's a cozy little lid for your bowl to prevent your hands from getting burned after reheating soup, noodles, leftovers or even cooking a potato. Learn step by step how to make a cozy bowl here. This free pattern includes 3 sizes so you can sew batches using yards of fabric, scraps, fat quarters, or even layered cake squares.

21 Beautiful 10-Yard Quilt Patterns: All Free!

When you make a list of my top 23 free sewing patterns in 2023, the 3 yard quilt patterns actually take up numbers 2, 3, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 20! I'm just going to share a link to each one so you can find your favorite.

Magical 1 meter free apron pattern

Sew a beautiful, easy apron with this free sewing pattern that only uses 1 yard of fabric! Whether you're sewing for yourself or a friend, an apron is always useful and makes a great gift. This blog post includes a link to a free pattern that I digitized for you.

How to Sew Easy Baskets with 10″ Squares – Leftover Layer Cake Project!

I love sewing projects that use pre-cut fabric but I often have a handful of scraps that I'm not sure what to do with. That's why I designed this easy to sew basket with 10” layered cake squares ! It's a quick and easy fabric basket to sew that's also reversible.

Double Compartment Crossbody Bag – Free Sewing Pattern!

This free crossbody bag pattern features 2 main pockets, a third slim pocket, and a zippered pocket on the back! Let me show you how to sew your own bracelet or use a cute one you can buy online.

Free DIY KitchenAid Mixer Lid Sewing Pattern

I'm so excited to share with you my free sewing pattern for a kitchen blender lid. I've been wanting to do this project for a long time, and it turned out so fabulous!

How to sew a pillowcase: a magical 1 meter pattern without waste!

Learn how to sew a pillowcase with exactly one meter of fabric and without waste! This super simple pillowcase tutorial is perfect for beginners or charity sewing because it's the quickest pillowcase pattern you'll ever see. If you're just starting out with sewing, I have many other sewing projects to get you started, including: See

How to Make a DIY Sewing Machine Cover – Free Pattern!

Create your own sewing machine cover using my free sewing pattern! This easy-to-sew sewing machine cover pattern uses cotton fabric and a flexible foam stabilizer to create a cover that is as beautiful as it is functional. I'll show you how to make 3 different pockets and then you can decide how many pockets.

Tiny Bag Sewing Pattern – Sew a super adorable tote – free pattern!

This free sewing pattern for small bags is so fun to make. And because it's so small, it's also very quick to sew. All your favorite fabric scraps beg to be sewn into a super cute little bag!

Christmas Gnome – free sewing pattern

The cutest Christmas sewing pattern on the web is free… Sew adorable Christmas gnomes to brighten up every room in your house!

How to Make a Rope Bowl: A Step-by-Step Tutorial Using Scraps!

Learn how to make a fabric covered rope bowl in under an hour! This easy sewing project is perfect for using up scraps. Do you keep long strips of thin cotton fabric like I do? Do you have a reserve of selvedges? Use them to sew a rope bowl. After sewing your first covered fabric

DIY Walker Caddy – with a cup holder! free sewing pattern

Easily carry everything you need with you on your walker! This free sewing pattern for a smart and functional walking cart will work with any walker as the straps have generous Velcro strips to make them adjustable. The amazing cup holder can hold a cup up to 20 oz. Use fabrics the recipient will love so they will use it with pride!

Sew a DIY bracelet key ring – quick and easy gift idea!

You can sew a cute keychain with wrist strap with my quick and easy sewing tutorial.

Of all the DIY projects I've sewn and given to people, bracelet keychains are the ones people ask for again and again! This year, the vice principal at my daughter's elementary school wasn't very subtle when she repeatedly said that the wrist wrap I gave her a few years ago was getting old.

Fat Quarter Fancy – Free Quilt Pattern Using 9 Fat Quarters!

I know you've been looking for a quick and fun quilt pattern to use up your stash of fat quarters…here it is! Sew this beautiful quilt using 9 fat quarters and a little over a yard of background fabric.

Sewing pattern for practical handbag organizer – Free!

Keep all your bags organized with my free Purse Organizer sewing pattern! This handy organizer has pockets throughout and is perfect for holding all those little things in your purse that get tangled. When you're ready to change bags, you can simply remove the organizer (with all the stuff inside) and move them all to the new bag, it's easy!

How to Sew 1 Yard Magic Bags (2 Tote Bags from 1 Yard of Fabric!)

Lucky for me and lucky for you! Lecien Fabrics is allowing me to share another one of their fabulous 1 Yard Magic patterns! Last year I shared a few more, you can see them here.

Chubby Lunch Tote – Free Sewing Pattern!

I've wanted to sew something like this for so long! I guess I'm really lucky that you voted for our March Un-Tutorials project. I don't know where this square tote style came from, but it's really cute, isn't it?

How to Make a DIY Heating Pad for Shoulders and Neck – Free Tutorial

Sew a warm hug around your neck! You can make your own therapeutic neck heating pad with a few scraps and a handful of household items. This is a very thoughtful gift, but be sure to treat yourself to one too!

Fat Quarter Fancy Star Quilt: Queen Size Star Quilt Pattern

Take 16 fat quarters and make an easy queen sized star quilt! This free quilt pattern suitable for beginners and fat quarters is what you've been looking for. It will brighten up your guest bedroom, family room or any room in the house. I know you love my other “Fat Quarter Fancy” quilt designs:

Sew Easy Big Tote Bag – free sewing tutorial

I'm so excited to share with you a bag that's super easy, super gorgeous, and so quick to sew. I made this bag in just a few hours and was taking photos along the way!

How to sew a tote with lots of pockets! free sewing pattern: Part 1

This tote must be your new bag! It's just the right size for a purse, and you can also carry items you want to keep organized and quickly grab them in the 6 (yes, six!) exterior pockets. Sew this free and easy bag pattern today.

2 zip fanny pack – Free sewing pattern

Sew your own fanny pack (i.e. fanny pack, shoulder bag, fanny pack, belt bag) using your favorite fabric and simple sewing techniques. This free sewing pattern will show you how!

DIY Cute Corners Makeup Bag {free sewing pattern}

Sew your own DIY makeup bag with just a few sewing supplies, including regular quilting cotton. My free sewing pattern is very simple and has step-by-step photos to make each part as clear as possible.

Still need more sewing ideas? Discover all my free sewing patterns.

Disclosure: Some of my posts contain affiliate links. If you purchase something through one of these links, I may receive a small commission, so please support SewCanShe when you shop! All opinions are my own and I only suggest products that I actually use. 🙂

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