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I was so excited to sew McCalls pattern M8252 for a wedding I was attending. Unfortunately, the model just didn't live up to the expectations I had in mind. Most of my issues could have been solved by going a smaller size or making a canvas (oops), but honestly, overall this pattern just wasn't much fun to make. Fortunately, the end result turned out to be satisfactory, despite numerous adjustments.

Choice of fabric + size

Usually I'm someone who doesn't buy fabric with a pattern in mind, but I purchased Atelier Brunette viscose specifically to make this dress. I have never used Atelier Brunette viscose before and OMG it is amazing. It presses and sews like a dream. This is outside of what I'm usually willing to spend on fabric, so it was worth it. It seems like most of the m8252s I've seen on IG are made with more durable fabrics, but I like how mine looks with this drapey fabric.

Size is where I made my biggest mistake – I absolutely should have worked hard. Anyone who has sewn a McCalls pattern knows that the size can be really abnormal. I oscillate between an 8 and a 12 depending on the pattern. In this case, my measurements lined me up closer to a 12. However, looking at the measurements of the finished garment, it seemed like a 10 would be a better fit. I thought the dress would be difficult to put on, so I took a risk and went with a 10. The 10 didn't fit me at all like I expected. I ended up having to remove over 3 inches from the side seams of the skirt. It just didn't fall straight in the back – the skirt was much lower than I wanted. Is it possible that this is a model design decision and not a fit issue? I ended up taking some out from the back too so it sat higher on the back of my waist. Considering how many adjustments I had to make, I'll probably do an 8 next time. In fact, due to the difficulties I had with the fit, I won't be doing this again.

Sew the M8252

I made view C of the pattern because I thought it would work best with my choice of fabric. I really like the longer length and the front slit. For the most part, the construction is simple.

The trickiest part for me was sewing around the ring. Honestly, the instructions aren't clear at all. The pattern pretty much says “sew fabric around the ring”. So I don't know if I even built mine as planned. I pretty much just wrapped the fabric around the ring and sewed – basically to create a casing with the ring inside. Also, if you're wondering what type of ring to buy and where, don't expect the instructions to specify this. I just bought a thin metal ring online and made sure it was a type that didn't open or close.

General thoughts

Although I was happy with my final dress and felt comfortable in it for the wedding I attended, the design was not a success in my book. I will probably never make this model again. If you're someone who always makes a painting, you're probably reading this and shaking your head. I definitely should have made one, especially because I invested in a nicer fabric. Lesson learned (maybe…probably not lol)!

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