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I've made 2 versions of the M8036 (also called Sasha McCalls) and my feelings about it are mostly positive. As far as McCalls patterns go, it's pretty easy to make and it's a super cute style! My tie version was much more successful than the buttoned version I created, probably mainly due to user error. I would generally recommend the model with just a few small caveats.

Choose size and fabric

I always get a little nervous when choosing a size for a McCalls pattern. My measurements usually align with 10/12, but I often find clothes to be too easy, so I size up to an 8 or 10. I went with size 10 for the m8036 and had just planned to take if necessary. The 10 turned out to be perfect!

The two versions I made use 2 different woven fabrics. The floral fabric is a viscose crepe which has a very pretty flowing drape. Striped is a seersucker that has much more structure and body. Both fabrics suit the pattern really well, they just create a slightly different look. I think the button version of the pattern was easier to make with a more structured fabric and if I make this version again, I will follow the same path.

Sew the McCalls M8036

The floral version is View B with View C sleeves and the striped version is View C without any modifications.

Overall, this dress is pretty simple to sew. I really only had 2 hiccups. The first was the sleeves. I'm 95% sure I folded the sleeves the wrong way. You can't really tell about the floral version because the fabric has so much drape. But in the structured version, the sleeves seem a little off. I wish the instructions were a little easier to understand at this step. The sleeve is also slightly too puffy for my liking. I think next time I would reformulate the sleeve or just do a gathered sleeve instead of pleats.

The second problem was that I lost the paper pattern before sewing on the buttons. I ended up guessing where the buttons should be, but that led to visible fit issues at the bust. Overall, I don't think it ruins the look of the dress too much but I wish I could have been more specific. Both of these issues are due to user error, so I can't really attribute this to the model itself.

Final Thoughts

Overall, I am happy with the results of my dresses. They're not perfect, but they're super wearable for a summer day. I love that this pattern can be made dressy or casual very easily depending on the fabric used. I could even see myself hacking the pattern to make a pretty wrapover. I'm marking this one in my pattern library as a winner!

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