Luxe Lounge redefined: the Sunday morning sweater

Chill atmosphere, active life! Show off your athleisure aura with the Sunday Morning Jumper, a model designed for those looking for the perfect blend of relaxed fit and contemporary style. With the soft textures and flexible qualities that make French Terry a wardrobe staple, this versatile jumpsuit pattern can be paired perfectly with any type of fabric. Whether you're looking for something warm and cozy during your winter workouts, or just looking to stay indoors and relax after a cold snowstorm, the Sunday Morning Jumper is a must-have piece for all the necessities!

Purchase the materials used below:

  • 2 meters of French Terry
  • 1 spool of 22 eggshells 500 m of Gutermann sewing thread
  • MDF356 – Sewing pattern The Sunday morning sweater (free download below!)

Recommended alternative fabrics:

  • The Willow Bamboo Jersey collection
  • The Talamanca Double Cotton Gauze Collection
  • Denim fabric by the yard
  • Satin fabric by the meter


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*Note: The Sunday Morning Jumper is a loose style with plenty of room for added comfort. This project was made in French Terry for a cozy feel, but can be made in a variety of fabrics such as jersey, wool, satin or denim.

How to sew the Sunday Morning Jumper:

1- Pin and sew the two back pieces. Start at the top and sew towards the crotch, then open the seam allowance.

2- Pin the back of the garment to the front, sew the side seam on both sides, starting at the top with the armhole and going down to the bottom of the leg.

3- Once the side seams are closed, sew the front and back together at the crotch. Start at one side of the pant leg, over and around the crotch, then work your way back down the other pant leg.

4- To create basic straps, draw the pattern piece measuring 10″ long x 1.5″ wide (for size 4). With right sides together, sew this piece with a 3/8″ seam allowance, then trim the excess fabric without cutting the stitch line.

5- Use a buckle turner to turn the shoulder strap outwards.

*For adjustable straps, follow the illustration below and use the metal sliders to adjust the length and find the perfect fit.

6- To add pockets, first mark and iron the seam allowance around the pocket pieces. Before sewing them onto the garment, topstitch all around the pocket 1/4″ (from the raw edge) to keep the seam allowance in place.

7- Pin the pockets to the garment, then topstitch on the edges while leaving the top open.

8- Complete this project by finishing all the raw edges around the garment. Some options for this include sewing a rolled hem or using an overlock stitch around the edges and sewing the hem with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

From stitches to sewing, recognize and celebrate every little accomplishment along the way. These victories, no matter how small or subtle, advance your technical skills and contribute to your overall progress. Remember, success is about the journey, not the destination. Embracing the process, staying committed, and believing in your ability to overcome challenges will only strengthen you as a seamstress!

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