leftover baby jacket and hat – Handmade by Carolyn

Good morning! Long time no see! Well, actually it hasn't been that long, but you know… I've done a lot, but not really much that can be blogged. Lots of trials and tests of our new model, which should be arriving very soon, so look forward to it!

I also had a bit of a horrible health issue, which has hopefully been resolved now. Nothing really worrying.

But in the meantime I knitted this cute new little set for my grandson Gilbert! When he's a little older I hope to be able to take a picture of him wearing it, but at the moment it's over 30°C so maybe not yet!

So in my end of year post I mentioned that I had a huge stash of yarn that I was planning to pass on to a daycare or something. Well, upon closer inspection, I actually found an old needle in one of the balls of yarn. HORROR! I immediately felt immense pre-guilt that I might have inadvertently exposed someone’s child to potential injury… imagine! Anyway, the result was that I decided to make more of an effort to use a little more wool myself. I have tentative plans to produce something new each month but I admit that it's a lot, so I'll just see how I get on!

I used the same pattern that I used for the previous set knitted for him from last October, the Naturally Yarns K679 flyer. The first one was for size 6-9 months, and this new one is for size 12 months. These are all leftover wool, and even the buttons also come from my stash. The buttons don't even match each other, but that's okay! it's hard to tell without looking closely. It was fun to choose wools and colors again, and mix them all together in a way that would look intentional and feel like a real design. I wonder if I could get away with creating a few more sets?!


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