Julie tunic dress and Perth tunic top – Handmade by Carolyn

Good morning!

I'm finally publishing other new things I've done this year…

Object 1; a lovely flowy top for summer. Actually, to be precise, I think it's the dress version of the pattern! but it's a little short on me so I'm wearing it here with a skirt. And I'll probably choose to wear it with shorts this summer.

The pattern is the new pattern from Original Digby Patterns, the Julie blouse and dress… it’s so pretty isn’t it? I love that ! I kind of want to rush out and buy a prettier fabric, a softer color, or even something printed, like a floral pattern or something; but you know. The dismantling of hideouts continues here. Anyway.

This is therefore the longest version of the model. I added side crotch pockets, just because I like having them everywhere these days and I'm not ready to live without them. My fabric is a very light cotton, I think it's from a Morrison secondary sale. It's good enough for the design, but perhaps not “flowy” enough for those pretty, slightly gathered panels. I think in a very light chiffon or crepe the gathers would fall and float beautifully. But I'm still very happy!

I hand sewed the button loop as shown and think it looks really nice; however, to be honest, I can just slide the dress directly over my head, without needing to unbutton it. This is well thought out, as I can appreciate the long slit and button that makes the back yoke more interesting. The instructions for building this piece were really good and I appreciated the nice clean finish inside and out that you get in the end.

The sleeve pieces are absolutely massive and the result is lovely in my opinion! a very pretty half-pirate, half-medieval effect!

Just in secret, even if I publish this on the Internet, hehe, for the whole world to read if they want! but remains; just secretly…. I started doing some embroidery on the yoke. I saw this embroidery design on Etsy and was inspired enough to buy it, hmm. I've made a small start. Hmmm. This might take me a while.

Item 2; hehe, I just realized that the skirt I'm wearing isn't blogged yet either! This is just one of the tests of our new skirt pattern, which should be released very soon, we hope! The Batman cotton drill is from Spotlight and was leftover from a cushion I made for Theo when he was very little.

The skirt is fully lined and is a pleasure to wear. We'll know more about our new boss in a very short time, I hope! I think it's a great basic that I've made and worn a lot.

I wear it with a very old T-shirt made a long time ago…

Dress/blouse Perth

Finally; another Perth shirt, which is of course our first pattern. This one I made longer, in a tunic with a curved hem, and I made the sleeves longer and with a button and cuff. Very simple and basic modifications but I really like how they make the style look. It's possible that one of these days I'll be enthusiastic enough to make this a legitimate, available modification to our model, but maybe not. I have so many decorating ideas in mind!

I made this one from leftover linen, from my stash, of course. I had originally planned to wear it under my Ghost Horses sweater, blogged here, but actually the other shirt looked nicer underneath, the sleeves of this one didn't extend far enough from the sleeves of the sweater. Never mind! I am also very happy with this new Perth in my wardrobe!

It's hard to believe, but I ALWAYS have unblogged things to share here! In the meantime, mwaaah!


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