January Monthly Calendar | 2024

Let's welcome the new year with new ideas, organized projects and the creative freedom we all dream of!

Normally I like to start each year with a clean space, a plan, and big dreams for the year ahead, but this year is a little different. I'm more determined and want to be more intentional with my time. So I started as I usually do by sorting my scraps, cleaning my machine and unpacking all my WIP.

I quickly realized that my scrap metal stash was difficult to manage and needed more organization. To help organize things, I stacked and cut my fabrics into a few usable sizes that I use often. With the help of Stripology rule, I was able to quickly complete the process. This ruler is one of my favorite tools in the studio and I'll talk about it later.

Sort your leftovers to find them easily.

After organizing my notes, I realized that a more structured approach was needed to stay focused. So I designed an at-a-glance monthly calendar designed to keep you on track. The design is intentionally minimal, with designated areas for small notes and a section dedicated to current projects. I'm hopeful that this simple print will help me stay on track all year long.

Keep your sewing and quilting projects on track with this free 2024 at-a-glance calendar from The Sewing Loft.

I truly believe that having everything in one place for a quick glance will help me stay motivated and set me up for success. There will be no more sticky notes on my desk, scraps of paper with random notes, I will write them down here.

Keep your sewing and quilting projects on track with this free 2024 at-a-glance calendar from The Sewing Loft.

January Monthly Calendar

Keep your plans on track with the January 2024 Printable Monthly Calendar.

And you? Do you think a monthly calendar dedicated to your sewing and quilting projects would be helpful? I hope so. You can download my free printable January 2024 monthly calendar today and start the year with a clear plan and an elegant touch.

Each month, I'll share the next month so we can stay on track together and make 2024 our most organized and accomplished year yet.

Congratulations for a year filled with productivity and success!

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