How to sew spooky earrings

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This week my sewing time was spent making seasonal treats. I was invited to a few Halloween themed events this year. One of them is a costume party, and I will wear the thrifty witch costume I created for the Daily Halloween Thrift Shop Challenge. The other is a casual dinner, and I think I need to sew some spooky earrings because I won't be wearing my witch costume to this event.

An elaborate costume isn't required at this casual dinner, but Halloween style is non-negotiable. This is where the magic of statement earrings comes in! To please myself, I chose our Cute and Spooky FSL Charms — the perfect tip to infuse an aura of fantasy into my outfit.

You all know I love bold earrings, so I chose to amp up the glamor by doubling the designs on each ear, ensuring maximum impact for my sewing time. Embracing the beauty of asymmetry, I create earrings that dance to their own rhythm, not in mirror images but harmoniously in sync, adding an unconventional touch to my ensemble. Come with me while I sew spooky earrings!

How to make the earrings


Download the designs and load them onto your embroidery machine.

Start sewing spooky earrings for Halloween.
Step 1. Loading the design onto my machine


Sew each pattern you want to use. I will make one earring with a hat and a bat, and the other will be a spider web and a cat. (Ha, that rhymes!)

Creepy earring charms after sewing
Step 2. Sewing!


Cut the threads, remove the designs from the hoop and cut them out.

Cut out sewn Halloween charms.
Step 3. Cut out the designs after cutting them and removing them from the hoop.
I rinse the interfacing on my machine embroidered Halloween charms.
Step 4. Removing the stabilizer.

Remove only the necessary amount of stabilizer to open the lace. The stabilizer remaining in the threads will act like a starch, stiffening the charms and supporting the lace. If too much stabilizer is removed from the lace, the designs can be starched to stiffen them.


Finish the earrings with coordinating jewelry accessories. You will need six jump rings, two large brass hoops, and ear studs. I got creative and used stuff I had in my stash.

Transform Halloween charms into spooky earrings.
Step 5. Turn lace charms into statement earrings!

Now no matter what I decide to wear to dinner, I can add a little Halloween spirit to my look.

Sew spooky earrings with Sadie!
Brilliant villain!

Sewing for fall

I delight in the art of sewing and crafting at this time of year, and love being accompanied by the comforting embrace of a steaming cup of tea or a frothy latte in my studio . As I sew and sip, my thoughts drift to our new Collection of autumn embroidery designswho made his debut in CME Fall 2023 Issue.

Watch our sewing video showcasing the Autumn Leaves latte design, Latte Please!

Imagine a festive truck adorned with pumpkins coexisting with the aroma of freshly baked pie, where the soft glow of a fall floral candle mixes with the sweetness of a hot cup of tea or latte take away. This fall collection, a testament to the essence of fall, embodies the spirit of the season.

I think these designs would make exquisite napkins, charming aprons and even a pie carrier. Each design can transform ordinary projects into extraordinary gifts worthy of a holiday host. How cute would one of the fall designs look on the bottom edge of a kitchen scarf? I’m putting this on my “to embroider” list!

With these creations, the art of giving becomes a tapestry of warmth and pleasure, weaving a story of gratitude and sophistication. What's on your stitch list this season? We hope you sew some spooky earrings or something to celebrate fall!

Let us know – we love seeing your creative ideas.

Happy sewing!


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