How to Make Pom Poms From Embroidery Floss

Learn how to make pom poms using just a skein of embroidery floss. This super easy tutorial will help you use extra embroidery floss and make decorative pom poms for all your favorite items.

I've been making so many pom poms lately and now I'm super excited to show you a quick and easy method to make them. You don’t need any fancy gadgets or even something to wrap the thread around, because you’ll be using already wrapped thread – skeins of embroidery floss!

DIY tassel on a welcome flag

There are so many different ways to use pom poms! Here I put one on the end of an embroidered welcome flag.

1. Start with a skein of embroidery floss.

This could be an expensive brand of embroidery floss or a cheap package with many skeins. They both work great for this easy DIY pom pom project.

2. Find the free end of the wire.

A free end is usually near the edge so you can remove it easily. Do not remove the papers from the embroidery floss skein yet.

3. Remove approximately 14 inches of yarn from the skein.

Instead of measuring with a tape measure or ruler, you can simply pull on the end of the thread until you feel it stop with some tension if you pull further. I call this “one-stop shopping” for embroidery floss.

Cut a piece near the skein that will be approximately 14 inches long.

4. Remove and cut approximately 28 inches of wire.

Remove another strand of embroidery floss that is 2 stops long, or about 28. ” Cut it close to the skein.

5. Lay the rest of the skein vertically on your work space.

Wrap the shorter piece of yarn around the center of the skein.

6. Tie the shorter piece around the skein.

Use a tight knot to secure the shorter piece of yarn around the center of the skein.

7. Gather the curly ends of the skein.

Remove the papers from the skein.

8. Pick up the longest piece of cut thread.

Hold the folded skein in your left hand. With your right hand, lay one end of the longer piece of wire next to it. The short end of the cut piece should be near the loops of the skein.

9. Wrap the long cut piece around the folded skein.

While holding the skein and the short end of the cut piece in your left hand, wrap most of the cut piece around the top of the skein, about 1/2″ from the top, or as desired .

10. Stop when there is only about 4 inches of string left.

When both free ends of the embroidery floss are the same length, stop winding it.

11. Tie the two ends in a tight knot.

If the knot is tight, it will hide under the layers of wrapped thread.

12. Cut the loops of yarn at the bottom of the pom pom.

There are a lot of loops. Make sure you cut them all.

13. Cut all ends of the wire so that they are equal.

Give him a good haircut!

You have just made a fancy pompom!

The shortest tie you tied first is the long string at the top of the pom pom. Now let's attach it to a bag!

Pull one end through a hole in the zipper pull or bag hardware.

Tie it in a tight knot.

Thread the ends of the tie through a thread needle.

A thread needle has a very large eye to make this step easier.

Use the needle to push the ends of the tie into the middle of the pom pom.

The only way to hide the ends inside the pom pom is to use a needle.

Cut the ends of the tie.

Cut the ends of the tie so they are the same length as the rest of the pom pom.

What else will you make pom poms for?

Learn how to make this zipped crossbody bag!

Put a pompom on your makeup bag!

You can also watch the video on this page to see how I make DIY pom poms. If the video does not start, you can watch it on my Youtube channel.

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