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Have you ever had one of those Ah Ha moments? After sewing for about 2 and a half years now and constantly lamenting at my local sewing shop the terrible lack of pretty, colorful buttons, I was standing by the checkout waiting for my paycheck when I spotted exactly what I needed !

Ta dah – make your own fabric covered buttons. Finally! I was working on a few wallets that needed a matching button and my eureka moment hit. I felt really ridiculous for not having thought of it sooner. But would they be good? It's time to try.

How to Make Fabric Covered Buttons

How to make fabric covered buttons.

Here is the pack I bought. There are 4 buttons in the 7/8th inch diameter pack, plus “tools”. You can get them in all kinds of button sizes and packs, as well as refills that don't contain the tools – here is a selection. You can also get very large refills on Amazon for a very cheap price, so if you want to make a lot of buttons, for perhaps a home decor project, this is the way to go. (Alternative links for British readers.)

On the back of the package is a template to cut out and use to cut the fabric. It doesn't have to be exact, a rough circle is enough and the template guides you to cut the right size for the button.

How to make fabric covered buttons.
How to make fabric covered buttons.

There are instructions on the back of the package, but even without them it wouldn't be difficult to understand. The fabric is placed first on the small rubber mold, with the right side down.


Then place the front of the button on top and take a few seconds to center it as best you can if you have a small design that you want to try to center on the button.

Push the button up and down inside the mold and the fabric will naturally tighten and gather around the back of the button.

How to make fabric covered buttons.

Make sure the gathers are all pushed toward the center, then put the button back on top.

How to make fabric covered buttons.

Use the small “push” to engage the back of the button and the button is complete.

How to make fabric covered buttons.
How to make fabric covered buttons.

I couldn't resist making a few more!

Now I know how useful they are and I can get a button in any design, color, style, fabric and size I need. I will order a batch to keep so that my projects are all fully coordinated in the future. .

How to make fabric covered buttons.

It certainly makes me realize sometimes how little I have yet scratched the surface when it comes to sewing and available tools. I'll probably re-introduce some simpler tooltips in the future.

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