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Learn how to make a custom quilted sewing machine mat! This handy mat fits under your sewing machine and has pockets to hold all your stuff. Our free sewing pattern even includes instructions for turning this sewing machine mat into a roll-up sewing tool organizer!

I'm the worst at staying organized when I sew. I joke that sewing is more of a “where did I put my scissors?” exercise. rather than actually creating something. All kidding aside, I designed this sewing machine mat to put under my machine to keep all my most used tools handy. It even rolls up so you can take it with you when you travel!


I've been seeing sewing machine pad organizers circulating online for a while now. I always intended to make one and never did. Finally this month I decided I was tired of losing my scissors, dropouts and markers and designed a mat myself.

About the Sewing Machine Mat

This mat is quite large, so it fits my large sewing machine. You can easily reduce it to the width of your machine if you wish. It's just a big rectangle so you can customize it easily.

Sewing machine mat

I added a fun little thread catcher to the side using snaps. You can snap it on and off if you roll up the mat to use as a tool holder when traveling. You can also add a pincushion if you wish. I chose not to because I love using my magnetic pin bowls.

Sewing machine mat

The thread catcher is attached to the right side of the mat; if you are left-handed, you can very easily fix it on the left side. It is entirely up to you; consider this template as a starting point for customization!

Sewing machine mat

I also added some tape to the binding of the mat so it can be rolled up and used for travel. You can put your things in the pockets, fold them on top, roll them up and take them with you when you leave.

The fabric for the sewing machine mat is from the Paper Doll collection by J Wecker Frisch. She is one of Riley Blake's newest designers, although she has been designing for a while now. I must say that I love his style. She has a Halloween line coming out next year that I'm already drooling over!

Sewing machine mat

Are you ready to make a sewing machine mat?

Sewing machine mat
Sewing machine mat

Roll-Up Sewing Machine Mat Pattern

Size 18″ x 28″


Fabric is PaperDoll by Riley Blake Designs


½ yard for Mat Top

½ yard for the bottom of the mat (or the back)

¼ yard for the pocket

¼ yard for pocket lining

½ yard for binding

1 large quarter for the thread catcher on the outside (or ¼ meter of fabric)

1 large quarter of thread catcher lining (or ¼ meter of fabric)

Other supplies:

100% cotton batting (or your favorite quilt batting). You will need two pieces, one 18″ x 28″ and one 5″ x 28″.

1 meter of ribbon

4 KAM shots

Flexible interface in the form of ¼ meter

1″ Wide Bias Tape Tool – I have a “multi-size” pack that I used; I linked it here.

Binding clips

sewing machine walking foot


Sewing machine mat

Roll-up sewing machine mat

Melissa Mortenson

Create a sewing machine mat that rolls up and doubles as an organizer when you need to take your sewing tools with you!

Preparation time 30 minutes

active time 2 hours

Total time 2 hours 30 minutes



  • ½ Court Fabric for carpet top
  • ½ Court Fabric for the bottom of the carpet
  • ¼ Court Fabric for pocket
  • ¼ Court Fabric for pocket lining
  • ½ Court Fabric for binding
  • 1 fat quarter Fabric for thread catcher outside or ¼ meter of fabric

Other supplies:

  • 1 piece 100% cotton wadding or your favorite quilt batting. You will need 2 pieces, one 18″ x 28″ and one 5″ x 28″.
  • 1 court ribbon
  • 4 snaps KAM snaps
  • ¼ Court ShapeFlex interface



  • For the sewing mat: From the top fabric of the mat Cut: 1 piece 18″ x 28″From bottom rug fabric Cut: 1 piece 19″ x 29″ (Okay, I know I told you to buy ½ yard of fabric, which is 18″ wide. However, if you have a larger piece of fabric or if your fabric is cut a bit larger, enlarge the bottom piece of fabric slightly as it is easier to line up when quilting the layers. If you have an 18″ wide piece of fabric , Everything will be alright !)From cut to stick: 1 piece 18″ x 28″ 1 piece 5″ x 28″From pocket fabric cut: 1 piece 5″ x 28″From pocket lining fabric Cut: 1 piece 5″ x 28″From Binding Fabric Cut: 1 piece 2″ x WOF (width of fabric) 3 pieces 2 ½″ x WOF
  • For the thread catcher:

  • From Thread Catcher fabric cut: 2 pieces each 7″ x 7″From Thread Catcher lining fabric Cut: 2 pieces each 7″ x 7″From Shape Flex interface cup: 2 pieces each 7″ x 7″

First step: quilting

  • Layer the bottom, top, and batting pieces of your sewing machine mat to form a “sandwich” with the sewing machine mat fabrics on the outside (with the straight sides facing out) and the fleece in the center.

  • Quilt straight lines every ½″ – 1″ along the mat. You will want to use a walking foot on your sewing machine for this part. You'll also want to use a few safety pins or basting spray to hold the layers in place as you sew. If you don't want to pad your mat, you don't have to. Just use iron-on fleece instead and skip the quilting.

  • Repeat for the pocket pieces.

Third step: divide the pocket

  • Using a ruler, place the marks where you want the dividers to be in the pocket. I make 2 pockets 7″ wide and 4 pockets 3 ½″ wide.

  • Sew the pocket divisions in place. Be sure to backstitch at the top of each division.

Fourth step: binding

  • Before tying your sewing machine mat, you will need to tie some tape to it (if you want it to roll up).

  • Fold your piece of ribbon in half and pin it to the back of the mat at the exact location at the top of the pocket. Sew in place.

  • Bind the mat using your preferred binding method and the 2 ½” x WOF binding piece.
  • When binding, be careful not to get the tape caught in the binding.

Fifth step: thread catcher

  • Apply Shape Flex Interface to the back of the thread catcher's outer pieces.

  • On the outside pieces of the wire collector and the wire collector liner, cut a 1 ½″ x 1 ½″ square from the bottom two corners. (note: the photos are from a previous project; the assembly is exactly the same, the pieces of fabric are just a different size)

  • Place the two outer pieces of the thread catcher, right sides together, and sew the 2 side seams and the bottom seam with a ½″ seam allowance.

  • Pinch the bottom “squares” so they are flush with the edges and sew along the edge.

  • Repeat with the wire collector liner pieces.

  • Turn the outer piece of the receiver right side up.

  • Slip the catcher liner piece over the outer piece so that the straight sides are facing each other and the raw edges are even.

  • Secure with pins or clips

  • Sew ½″ from the top edge, leaving a 4″ opening on one side.

  • Turn right out through the opening at the top.

Sixth step: finish

  • Press well. Topstitch along the top of the tray; catch the opening as you sew.

  • Add two KAM snaps to the back of the yarn catcher 2″ apart.

  • Add the other halves of the two KAM snaps to the sewing mat in the desired location also 2 inches apart.


Sewing machine mat

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Sewing machine mat

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