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Metal Frame Coin Pouches are easier to make than you think and make great gifts! Learn how to write a custom template for a simple frame clutch with this metal frame purse tutorial.

Metal frame handbag on table with books

Whether you're an experienced sewing enthusiast or a newcomer looking for a fulfilling project, our detailed step-by-step instructions will guide you through every step of creating an adorable fabric coin purse with a metal frame.

Since I'm always looking for simple handmade gift ideas, I thought it would be fun to show you how to make a framed pouch.

The tutorial for these metal frame purses can be made in ANY SIZE! The ones I made are small, but the tutorial will teach you how to make them the way you want.

If you're wondering what I'm talking about. These are these small metal frames on which we attach the fabric in order to make a handbag (or purse, in this case).

They exist in several sizes and several finishes. You may have seen them in stores and wondered what you did with them. You may also have wondered how you would manage to make a handbag the right way to fit.

Fabric on pink cutting mat

There are two basic ways to attach a frame pouch to a bag:

1- To sew it – pouches like this will have holes (like the ones in the photos above)

2- Stick it. I have already made frame pockets with “glued” frames. You can see these covers in this article from the archives.

The ones we will be working with today are the sewn type. I got them from Etsy.

So, let's get to the tutorial, shall we?

Metal Frame Purse Supplies:

  • Frame pouch in all sizes. Mine was purchased here.
  • A fat quarter of fabric for the front and one for the lining – I used Flora and Fawn fabric. It is now sold out, but you can find similar fabric.
  • Iron-on fleece
  • Topstitching thread
  • Two pencils (you'll see why in a minute)
  • Washi Tape (or masking tape)
  • Paper (graph paper is recommended)
  • Ruler
  • Basic Sewing Supplies


{this post has been updated from a previous version to include additional instructions}

Frame pouch on table with pink and mint books

How to make a fabric coin purse with a metal frame

Melissa Mortenson

Learn how to create a custom pattern for a frame clutch with this Metal Frame Purse Tutorial: How to Make a Purse from a Metal Frame.

Preparation time 30 minutes

Active time 2 hours

Total time 2 hours 30 minutes


  • 1 Frame pouch in all sizes. I bought mine on Etsy.
  • 2 Fat quarters Fabric One for the front and one for the lining – I used Flora and Fawn fabric (it's sold out but you can find a similar one online).
  • 1 big piece Iron-on fleece
  • 1 coil Topstitching thread
  • 1 coil Washi Tape or tape
  • 1 piece Paper graph paper is recommended


First step: write a pattern piece

  • Okay, the “general” idea of ​​what we're doing is to draw a pattern so that the fabric curves into the frame and “poof” a little on the sides and bottom. You can control the amount of “poof” – we’ll discuss that in a minute. You can also control the height of the clutch.

  • On your graph paper, trace the outside of the top of your frame pocket. (it doesn't matter if it is curved or straight).

  • Next, note where the bottom of the metal is on the frame – I recommend marking just below the last “hole” left open for sewing. I should have mentioned mine a little in the photo above.

  • Now measure ½” from this point horizontally. Trace a line.

  • Decide on the height of your pouch (the height of the fabric part will be that of a person sitting on a table). Measure as far from the top center of the frame. Draw a straight line horizontally on your paper at this point.

  • Using your ruler, connect the line you drew at the bottom of the frame with the line you drew for the height of the clutch. At this point, your photo will look like a curve with a rectangle underneath.

  • Measure ½” (horizontally) from the bottom corners of the rectangle and place a mark. Measure ½” from the bottom of the clutch and draw a line.

  • Now draw two lines to connect the bottom line to the bottom of the rectangle. You simply draw a smaller rectangle UNDER the rectangle you just drew. The 2nd rectangle is ½” tall and measures ½” on both sides of the larger rectangle.

  • Add a seam allowance:

  • You now have a pattern shape but no seam allowance! So, let's add a little seam allowance.

  • Glue your two pencils together. When drawing with both pencils simultaneously, they should be about ¼” apart.

  • Using the pencils taped together, trace along the curve you drew for the top of the pouch. Now trace the entire perimeter of the clutch.

  • Once this step is complete, trace around the entire piece with a marker so you don't get confused about which line to cut on.

  • Cut out the piece. Fold it in half to make sure it is symmetrical. Adjust if necessary.

  • Okay, remember how we said we could change the clutch “poof”? If you want it to be more “poofy” you can change the amount that comes out of the clutch side.

  • We used ½″ measurements, but you can use 1″ or even larger if you want. Just make sure that whatever amount you measure from the side of the frame, you measure the same amount outward (and down) at the bottom of the frame.

Step Two: Cut the Fabric

  • Next, cut two pieces of fabric for the front of the pouch and two pieces for the lining of the pouch.

  • Also cut out two pieces of iron-on fleece. Fuse them onto the back of the exterior pieces of your pouch.

Step Three: Sew the Front and Back Pieces

  • Sew your two exterior pouch pieces together along the side seams and bottom seam. “Pinch” the bottom corners and sew. Be sure to use a ¼″ seam allowance for all pieces.

  • Repeat for the clutch liner parts. Leave a 2″ opening at the bottom of the clutch lining piece.

  • Turn the outer piece of the clutch right side out. Slide it into the clutch lining piece, right sides together. Match the seams and raw edges. Sew around the top edge.

  • Cut the curves, turn to the right side and press.

Step Four: Attach the Purse to the Metal Frame

  • Turn the clutch right side out using the hole you left in the liner. Slide the clutch into the frame and align it as best you can.

  • If you can, match the center of the pouch to the center of the fabric pouch. Use a few pins to hold it in place while you work.


  • Using two strands of topstitching thread, topstitch the fabric. You can “try” to hide the seams on the back, but it’s difficult. Instead, just use a wire that you don't mind seeing on the clutch liner.

  • That's it! Finally, hand-stitch the opening of the lining to close it. Also fold the center seams UNDER the frame hinge. I like to press a little so the crease stays.

  • Like I said, you use this technique to make a pouch of any size!


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