How to Hem Jeans Using the Original Hem

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I'm only 1.70m tall and my two daughters aren't much taller. We do a lot of hemming pants here. My teenagers hate having their jeans hemmed the traditional way of marking, cutting, folding and sewing them. For what? Because you lose some of the original look and feel of the jeans. Learn how to hem jeans while keeping the original hem – it's much cooler for several reasons, as both my kids will attest.

I love this hemming method so much that I created a video to show you exactly how I do it. Check it out!

Isn't that cool? When you use this method, you achieve several goals in the “cool jeans” category.

1. A professional finish

Preserving the original hem gives a polished and professional appearance. The original hem is often designed by the manufacturer to match the overall style and stitching of the jean. There is also visible discoloration and distress in the hem stitching. By retaining this original hem, your altered jeans will maintain a high-quality finish that resembles how they were originally made.

Do not cut the original hem!

2. Authenticity

Keeping the original hem helps maintain the authentic look of the jeans. Many people appreciate the unique features of their favorite jeans, including original stitching patterns and distressed areas. Preserving the original hem contributes to the authentic character of the jeans.

Preparing for pinning to preserve the original hem

3. You save time and effort

Hemming jeans while maintaining the original hem can save you time and effort compared to a complete new hem because you don't need to recreate the intricate sewing pattern of the original hem .

Overall, hemming your or your kids' jeans while maintaining the original hem combines style, authenticity, customization, and convenience, making it a cool and attractive option for anyone wanting to achieve that OG denim look .

Your hemmed jeans can look just as good as the original!

More Hemming Resources

Do you have a pile of things to hem? The following resources can help you do so with confidence!

Do you have a hemming tip to share? Leave it in the comments!

Happy hemming!

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