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Today, just a little excerpt. Have you ever wondered how your sewing machine works when it has two threads and a single needle? How is the point actually formed?

This cool video shows you exactly how it works. And now you know why the “timing” of your sewing machine is so important. If the timing is incorrect, due to damage somewhere, the points will not form correctly or you may skip points. The same if you have a slightly bent needle.

Where does the sewing machine come from?

The first glimpses of our modern sewing machine date back to the beginning of the 19th century. These emerging prototypes, although primitive, promised to revolutionize the world of fashion and textiles. It was in 1846 that Elias Howe dazzled the world with the first patented sewing machine. But wait! The plot thickens! Amid a wave of patents and entrepreneurial ambition, Isaac Singer entered the scene with his improved design, and the Singer sewing machine was born. It is thanks to these pioneers that our seams are seamless, our stitches captivating and our quilts finally quite exquisite!

How does a sewing machine actually work?

Now let's get down to business and unravel the mystery behind this magical device! Prepare to be captivated as you dive into the heart of the machine where magic becomes reality.

Needle and thread

Our adventure begins with the humble needle, dancing up and down like a maestro conductor. But it's not alone! A spool of thread sits at the top and threads its way through the eye of the needle.

The ballet of the can

Under the stage (or fabric), a loaded spool of thread waits. As the needle moves down, it creates a loop. At that point, a rotating hook grabs this loop and interweaves it with the bobbin thread.

The perfect union

These threads – one from above, one from below – entwine in a harmonious dance, creating a tight, secure stitch. This interlocking tango is what holds your fabrics together!

Feeding dogs

They're the unsung heroes hiding under your fabric and moving it around as you sew. Think of them as tiny conveyor belts ensuring that every point is evenly spaced.

So ! In the blink of an eye (or the press of a pedal), fabric transforms into fashion and dreams come true.

Why should you know how your sewing machine works?

Sewing is not just a skill; it's an art. An art that combines creativity and precision, passion and technique. At the heart of this art is your trusty sewing machine. But what if you could take your artistry to even greater heights? Step into the power of understanding and connecting with your machine.

A symphony of synchronicity

Once you truly grasp the intricacies of your machine, every press of the pedal, every movement of the needle, every rotation of the bobbin becomes an orchestrated symphony. You're not just using a machine; you play an instrument. This deep connection results in smoother operations, fewer errors, and an overall more enjoyable sewing experience.

Build confidence with every point

As with any relationship, the more you understand and spend time with your machine, the more trust you build. This confidence means that even when you venture into unfamiliar sewing territory, trying a new pattern or delicate fabric, you feel confident. You know what your machine can handle, its particularities, its strengths and how to meet all the challenges that come your way.

Become one with your profession

The sewing machine becomes an extension of yourself. It's not just a tool; he's a partner. Once you know its rhythm, you can adapt your own heart rate to it. This deep connection allows you to lose yourself in the joy of creation, resulting in projects that are not only fantastic, but also carry a piece of your soul.

Endless exploration

When you fully understand your sewing machine, you are more inclined to explore its full range of capabilities. Want to try this intricate embroidery feature? Go for it! Thinking of experimenting with decorative stitches? Dive right in! Your intimate knowledge erases the barriers of hesitation, propelling you towards infinite creative horizons.

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