Holiday Sampler Gift Card Holder

Julia from Bayhill Studio is back with us today, sharing another retro-inspired Christmas craft with you all! This tutorial for a plastic canvas gift card holder can be adapted in many ways and is a great way to make giving a gift card a little more special this holiday season!

Hello friends! It is Julia at Studio Bayhill. Today I'm excited to share a fun, beginner-friendly Holiday Sampler gift card holder that's sure to become a favorite for years to come.


Plastic Canvas Craft Ideas

When I was little, my grandmother loved working with plastic canvas. She made tissue box covers and other fun decor items, but what I remember most is the tote bag she made for me and each of my sisters.

We have used our bags for years as church bags to hold our scriptures, papers and pens. I seriously wish I still had this tote bag!

red, green and yellow plastic canvas gift card holder on white wooden table

With this bag in mind, I decided to design a little handmade project that my kids could look forward to seeing every year at Christmas. This small envelope is designed to hold a gift card or cash and can be hung as a decoration on a Christmas tree or used as a Christmas gift.

I sewed the back of this gift card holder in a sampler style and will show you how I made these rows.

red, green and yellow plastic canvas gift card holder on white wooden table

The front features a star pattern that resembles a classic quilt block. I won't give a step by step for the front, but I will share a basic grid pattern so you can copy that pattern, or you can repeat the stripes from the sample on the front.

red, green and yellow plastic canvas gift card holder on white wooden table


yarn and craft supplies on gray table

To complete this project, you will need:

  • A sheet of plastic canvas
  • Different colors of thread
  • A needle with an eye large enough to work with thread
  • Scissors
  • (Optional), gold twine and ribbon to make an ornament


red, green and yellow plastic canvas gift card holder on white wooden table

Holiday Sampler Gift Card Holder

Julia Fraizer

We're sharing retro-inspired Christmas crafts with you all! This tutorial for a plastic canvas gift card holder can be adapted in many ways and is a great way to make giving a gift card a little more special this holiday season!

Preparation time 15 minutes

Active time 2 hours

Total time 2 hours 15 minutes


  • 1 leaf plastic canvas
  • 2-4 skiers Different colors of thread
  • Optional gold string and ribbon to make it an ornament


  • To start, cut out 2 rectangles. The largest rectangle should be 17 squares in diameter and 26 squares deep. The smallest square should be 17 squares in diameter and 21 squares deep. Cut excess lines near your outer row to minimize bumps along the perimeter.
  • Starting with the back, I sewed the top row with a simple diagonal stitch, also called a half cross stitch.

  • To make this stitch, guide the thread diagonally; on the back, go down one square, then go up the diagonal and repeat.

  • Then I sewed 2 rows of cross stitches. To make them, simply sew “x”s across the entire row, then repeat for an additional row.

  • For the 3rd series of stitches, I made a mosaic stitch. To make this stitch, you will use 3 squares across and 3 squares down.

  • Start at one corner with a regular diagonal stitch in one corner, then make a longer diagonal stitch from one corner to the other and finish it with a small diagonal in the last corner.

  • For the next two rows, I did a simple diagonal stitch in one direction, then crossing in the opposite direction for the second row.

  • Then I did something similar to the mosaic stitch above but with a slight variation. I don't know if there is a name for this stitch, but I will call it a layered mosaic for now. You will work with 4 squares across and 4 squares down and sew on the diagonals as you did for the mosaic.
  • Once you have formed a square, sew the mosaic on the opposite diagonal, starting at any corner, and stopping in the middle (the longest stitch, which reaches from corner to corner) . This creates a fun layered pattern and lots of nice texture.
  • The next two rows are a repeat of the diagonal stitch I did earlier.

  • I should mention that changing colors is very simple. Simply thread your thread through the loops on the back of the fabric and cut the end. Do! I like to start a new color the same way to make sure the thread is secure.

  • Continue repeating these stitches to create a row in a variety of colors. I added an extra stitch here – a simple back stitch.

  • To backstitch, you will pull your thread through the 2nd square, then back one square, then pull it through the 3rd square. Repeat this pattern – pull the yarn up through the 3rd square, come back, then pull the yarn up through the 4th square, and so on. This stitch looks really pretty as a filler between the rows, as you will see in the next photo.

  • I decided to add a touch of white, so I added a row of white back stitches between each of the diagonal rows of stitches. I love how it looks!

  • Once the back was complete, I sewed a cute star to the front, mimicking the look of a quilt block.

  • I only used basic diagonal stitches to create this look – super easy!

  • After completing the front, do a simple whipstitch around the top corners of the front and across the top front.

  • Next, line up the sides and bottom of the front and back pieces. Make a whip stitch up the side, down, up the other side, up the back, and down the first side until you meet the starting points. Bury the thread through the stitches.

  • Topstitching adds a nice finishing touch to the edges while tying the front and back together.

  • Here's a closer look at the rear. You can use it as a Christmas gift as is or follow the following steps to turn it into an ornament for the tree.

  • To make it an ornament, thread a gold nylon cord through the top corner of the back rectangle. Tie a knot.

  • Next, add a bow made from the gold ribbon of your choice. I used this loosely woven ¼” gold ribbon.


Using a plastic canvas is a great way for beginners to get familiar with embroidery stitches, and it's very forgiving. If you make a mistake, you can easily delete the thread and start again.

And finally, I love working with plastic canvas because I can keep my hands busy while watching a movie, and I'm always rewarded with fun and functional projects! I would love if you tag me @bayhillstudio on Instagram so I can see all your projects.

Thanks for the visit! Be sure to follow me on Instagram and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more creative content and inspiration for your projects. Have a good day!

About the designer

woman in front of a sewing machine

Julia Frazier is the founder of Bayhill Studio. Julia designs quilts and projects for beginning quilters and crafters. You'll usually find her at her sewing machine or hiking in the nearby mountains. Follow Julia on Instagram @bayhillstudioand subscribe to her Youtube channel for new and exciting projects and tutorials. Make sure to check it out Studio Bayhill Website for a growing list of tutorials and patterns.

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