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If you're looking for a gift for someone who quilts or sews, I'm here to help!

It's both easy and difficult to find people who make fabric items, whether for work or for fun. There are so many things available to us, but we also tend to be collectors and we already own a lot.

I found a bunch of ideas for the creatives in your life, or maybe I made a list to share with someone who wants to give you a gift!

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Concepts and tools

Reel binding.png

Quilt Ladder.jpg

Utility Apron Pattern.jpg

Quilters pattern or tablet holder.png

Fabric Binding Spools – I stumbled upon these, and I could really use a few of these to hold my binding strips. I love all the color options! While you're at it, watch the video of how one of these was made.

Quilting scale – You will need someone comfortable with woodworking for this one, as these are instructions for making the ladder. What I like about this one is that it has its own back support, rather than leaning against a wall.

Utility Apron – Carrying all your tools to the area you're working in can be a chore, but this apron keeps everything within easy reach.

Model holder – If I try to follow the printed instructions, I will bury them every time. This support keeps them where they can be easily seen. It's also great if you're following along digitally on a tablet.

Embroidery scissors in personalized wooden case.png

Zippered bag with window by craftystaci sq.jpg

Magnetic Cutting System SewTites.png

Pincushion Organizer.jpg

Scissors in a personalized box – Not only are the scissors themselves pretty, but the fact that you can personalize the box makes this gift really special.

Zippered bag with window – If you are looking for a gift for someone who carries handiwork with them, this bag is just what you need. A project like this has a certain beauty in its execution that deserves to be seen.

SewTites Magnetic Cutting System – I haven't tried this system myself, but I love the idea. This one is for the quilter who has everything.

Pincushion Organizer – Anyone who works with a sewing machine could use one!

Green Needle Minder sq.JPG

Cart needle.png

Flat head pins numbered2.png

Thread cutting ring.png

Magnetic needle guard – If you need multiple items for a gift, such as a trade or guild meeting, this is the perfect project. Plus, no more lost needles!

Cart needle – I learned it was a thing the same week I broke my nail and fell into oblivion. This would be a very useful tool, and I don't think I'm the only one who doesn't know they exist, so chances are your quilting friend doesn't already have one.

Numbered pins – These would be handy for keeping track of quilt pieces or components of a complicated sewing project.

Annular wire cutter – So technically these are for people fishing to cut line, but I could definitely see this as a handy line cutter.

Magnetic sewing guides.png

Octagonal pincushion with pins and needles.JPG

Quilt Binder Clips.png

DIY Quilt Design Wall.png

Magnetic sewing guides – There is a very basic version that does the trick, but these are so much cuter. They can also be used as refrigerator magnets.

Octagonal pincushion – Not only is it fun to make with scraps, but the recipient can use the divided sections to separate different types of pins and needles.

Sewing clips – I've had this exact set of clips for a few years now and use them all the time. I haven't had a single break yet, so I'm happy with the quality and the price can't be beat.

Quilt Design Wall – Making a designer wall is easier than it seems, and it would be a spectacular gift. This one wouldn't even need to be hung, so it could be stored away as needed.

Model weight.png

Hera Marker.jpg

Adjustable neck lamp.png

DIY fabric basket.jpg

Model weight – If you're in the US and want to order these for the holidays, I would soon as they ship from the UK (and the shipping costs are very reasonable). They're great for keeping piles of cut pieces for quilt blocks from flying around the room.

Hera Marker – This is a great little gift, and if you push as hard as I do, they tend to get a little worn out, so you can't have too many.

Adjustable neck lamp – The older I get, the more light I need to work on anything. This would be very practical and would place the light where it is needed.

Fabric basket – This one probably doesn't need an explanation. Too many baskets is not a thing.


To have fun

DIY wood and fabric ornament.png

Sewing Room Rules and Collecting Fabric Quilts.jpg

No regrets seam ripper sticker.png

Quilts for sale Puzzle.png

DIY Quilt Block Ornament – This would be so fun to personalize because you add the fabric to the middle yourself!

Sewing Room Rules And Collecting Fabric Quilts – You can either make the quilt as a gift or give the quilter the pattern and panel to make it themselves.

No regrets vinyl sticker – I ordered these for my model testers a while ago, and they are even cuter in real life. They shine!

Quilts for Sale Puzzle – Are they a headache? I love the old van on this one.

2024 Wall Calendar By the Yard.png

Small tin sewing room.png

Smarties Stress Relief for Quilters Printable from Crafty Staci.JPG

Mini art frame cards.png

2024 calendar by yard – These comics always make me laugh, and a calendar would be perfect for the sewing room.

Small Tin Sewing Room – They are so small and so cute. Even if they don't have a lot of space for decoration, they could probably find a place for one of these.

RX Anti-Stress Smarties for Quilters – This is another good group gift. The first year I made them, I gave one to everyone in my guild, about 100 people I think.

Mini Art Frame Cards – If you want to give something handmade in the form of cards, these are a good place to start.

Scissors enamel pin.png

Coaster to sew.png

Steel Quilt Block Ornament.png

Wooden sewing machine tray.png

Scissors Enamel Pin -I love all the sewing themed pins that are out there these days, but what's especially fun about this one is that the scissors can actually open and close!

Stitched Coaster Set – I always take a drink to my sewing room and I don't want to damage any surfaces, so these ceramic coasters would be very useful.

Steel Quilt Christmas Ornament – This one would not only be perfect for a quilter, but also for a barn quilt fan.

Wooden Sewing Machine Tray – It's pretty on its own, but you can also personalize it. Imagine a charcuterie in this one!


Books and magazines

Sewing school book.png

Create a modern magazine.png

Encyclopedia of Piece Quilt Patterns.png

We love sewing magazine.png

Sewing School Book -If you know a budding seamstress (or quilter – I need to learn the basics first!), this book would be a welcome gift.

Create a modern magazine – This is at the top of my Christmas list this year. Just looking at the projects presented previously makes me wonder why I'm not already a subscriber.

Encyclopedia of Piece Quilt Patterns – Have you ever tried to remember the name of a block? Maybe you're wondering how complicated a block is or when it was created? Your quilting friends have the same questions, and this book has the answers.

We love the sewing magazine – If you know someone who enjoys many types of sewing and quilting, this is the gift for them. I've written several projects for them, so you might see something familiar! They are also set to launch We Like Quilting magazine soon.

I hope this has helped you with your shopping list for the holiday season. I know it helped my husband! 😅

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