Garnet Dress (with How-Tos) — Made by Rae

NOTES ON Gathered Yoke

I loved the embroidery on this printed border, so I wanted to find a way to put the yoke together rather than cutting it all out from one piece in front and one piece in back.

To do this, I drew a diagonal line from corner to corner on each of the yoke pattern pieces (where the seams are in the photo above and below). Then I traced each segment separately and added a seam allowance along the diagonal line (so I had four pattern pieces – front down, front, back down, back).

Next, I cut out each of the bottom yoke pieces on the fold (2 pieces, front and back), and I cut 2 pieces from each of the side pieces (2 front sides, 2 back sides), I So I had six pieces total, and I cut them together to create a single front panel and a single back panel, then constructed Garnet as shown in the pattern instructions.

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