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You have finally finished sewing a plain shirt or a tote bag and you want to personalize it. You're probably considering adding your initials or first name. Here are some fun and creative ways to add text to fabrics…

Heat press/heat transfer papers or fusible web

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This type of paper is commercially available and is usually available in a standard letter size that can fit a printer. For commercial uses, they use specially designed heat transfer equipment. However, at home you can also use your regular iron.

For more information on fabric printing, please see this article:

Pre-cut iron-on letters

ways to add texts to fabrics
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As the name suggests, these can be purchased already formed and ready to iron onto textiles. They come in different designs: some are sequined, some are appliqued and embroidered while others look like patches with embroidered edges. They are very simple to use, usually you will just need to place the letters where you want them to be printed. Cover the letter with an ironing cloth, then place an iron on the “cotton setting” for 15 to 20 seconds or according to the manufacturer's instructions.


ways to add texts to fabric
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You can sew buttons to form any letter/font you desire. Although this method takes more time than the others, it seems more creative and if you like to sew, fun to do. You can also use sequins and beads as an alternative to buttons.

If you sew a lot of buttons, it might be worth learning how to sew buttons with a sewing machine:

Fabric marker

ways to add texts to fabric

If you are good at calligraphy and have a steady hand, you can use fabric markers. It comes in several colors and will stay on the fabric even after washing. Just make sure your fabric is stable so it doesn't move as you write on it.

Paints for puffy fabrics

ways to add texts to fabrics
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Puffy fabric paints are another fun way to add text to fabrics. These paints are easy to apply because they come in tubes with pointed tips. Using them will also be like writing with a pen. What makes them fun is that they stay raised when they dry. These products come in fun, vibrant and even neon colors, sometimes even with glitter.

ways to add texts to fabrics
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You can first write lightly on the fabric with a pencil so that you have a guide to follow. With this method, you can select the color of thread you have and create any font you want (as long as you can write it).

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