Friday/January 2024 Favorites — Directed by Rae

while reading: It's a pretty strong start to the year, at least for me, with three good books that I couldn't put down: The last guest house by Megan Miranda, Catherine Newman's We all want impossible thingsand that of Céleste Ng Our hearts gone, which is a gripping page-turner that manages to be both terrifying and heartwarming. Also: Did you know that Céleste sews??? See this IG reel – very cool!!

playing: Valley of Stars, OMFG my new obsession. It all started last week when I played for the first time with Clémentine and Hugo; they got bored… flash to me starting my own game and staying up until 2:30am one night like a teenager or something. Yeah, that's a real problem. If you need me, I am research whether it is better to transform my Salmonberries into jam or wine and churn my duck eggs into mayonnaise.

knitting: literally nothing to report here, see article above.

sewing: For my first make of 2024 wow wow!! I finished one Pogonip sweater (model by Friday Pattern Co) in the coziest sherpa fleece Lyrical for Clementine and I immediately regretted promising her and not keeping it for myself. But alas, I am a woman of my word. I was secretly hoping to steal it from her closet without her noticing, but tragically, she WEARS IT ALMOST EVERY DAY. Hrumph. Does she look smug in the photo above knowing I wanted it and she got it? Yes. She does.

watching: American Symphony, which is so, so good. The documentary about Jon Batiste and Suleika Jaouad is like the second part of Suleika's book, Between two kingdomswhich I read and loved last year.

We also took all the children to see The boy and the heronwhich everyone enjoyed, and then had to have a family movie night to watch Castle in the sky, which I think is my favorite Studio Ghibli film? Tough choice though – Kiki, Totorro and Nausicaa are all strong contenders.

listen: Cambric World music radiossee article above.

resistant: all knitted things, but especially my Pale purple Sunday sweater with which I knitted last year Woolfolks Luft.

planning: to host a studio sale before moving, so I took lots of photos of my yard of OOP fabrics in preparation. We'll talk about it again soon, I hope!

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