Friday Favorites / Vol. 22 – Made by Rae

while drinking: Birds and beans coffee, yum, a delicious birthday present from my bird fanatic father and my mother (thanks mom and dad). Start with the Scarlet Tanager if you like dark roast, it's really good. I love that they have a subscription too; I'm tired of realizing we're out of coffee at 10 p.m.

listen: With the return of school to business and everything that goes with it, the Feed vs. Nourish the podcast has really encouraged me lately. Psychologist Wendy Mogul is fun to listen to, and her interviews with parents are full of humor and topics that will resonate with anyone trying to become a parent in the Year of Our Lord 2023.

knitting: I was stuck on my pink Spring Sorrell sweater, so I put it aside and started a Pressed flower shawl instead with some Motorhome by Kelbourne Woolens. I realize the pattern is DK and I'm using fingering but that's what I had. I'm going to take this with me to Squam so I'll have something to work with on the docks.

while reading: Considering I had a Taylor Jenkins Reid tear this summer, it was only a matter of time before I read The seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo. Like his other books, it's fun and easy to read, with lots of drama and a fairly exciting late reveal.

watching: My nightly reading time has largely been replaced by watching AppleTV+ shows like they're going out of style (and they are, figuratively speaking: we got 3 free months of AppleTV+ and I'll most likely cancel before that they charge me). So far I have succeeded Contraction, SiloAnd Bad sisters, the latter being one I beg all my friends and family to watch. It's so dark, funny and suspenseful. Dare I say it…the perfect show?! Is there anything else I absolutely need to look at before my essay is over? Share in the comments.

Elliot and I rented Interstellar and I watched it over a few nights last week (I insisted that most of Nolan's other films were better than Oppenheimer, so we started with my personal favorite), and it still made me 100% makes you cry. This movie is almost ten years old but it's still just as good. It's also really cool to have a sixteen year old to share it with now.

eat: lots and lots of beans. My kids are so fed up. Only 10 beanstalks survived the Groundhog Apocalypse of 2023, but they're more than holding up.

confusing: my friend Emily gave me this beautiful floral puzzle after her cat ate one of mine that she had borrowed; no surprise, it comes from Piecework. The New Year's party vibe is perfect for September if I do say so myself.


PS. see all my Friday favorites here.

and a few more photos from the end of our summer…

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