Friday Favorites / Vol. 17 — Made by Rae

perforation: Oops, I just realized I never pressed publish on an article I wrote last fall about my recent foray into punch needling. I've mentioned it several times in Friday Faves, but have never produced any evidence to suggest I've actually tried it. Either way, punch needling has now found a place in my heart as a new favorite hobby and I made a few wall hangings last weekend to prove it.

while reading: I was hesitant to get started Between two kingdoms due to the heavy content, but I'm happy to report that Suleika Jaouad's writing is not only simple and engaging – I tore it up – but also uplifting, funny and heartwarming. Then I went down a bit of a stalker rabbit hole and watched the videos she made while writing her column for the New York Times and the interviews with her and Jon Batiste. And then of course, I look this video clip Again.

Replace the word “sew” with “read” in this article entitled “But how do we read so much? and Pandora sums it up pretty well for me.

knitting: Hooray hooray I'm finally done with my yellow Astragalus sweater. It got dicey towards the end when I tried it on and briefly thought the sleeves were too tight and, oh god, should I take them off again, but I wrote myself off after realizing that that would have meant knitting the equivalent of five sleeves (fucking hell!!) and plus it's superwash so it will stretch so calm down Rae.

watching: Hugo and I watched so many Siegfried and Joy last week we were downright hesterical (I think deliberate use of the “e” instead of the “y” helps reject the misogynistic roots of that term. It seems more appropriate to have the word “he” there -inside anyway) The one that finally made us burst out laughing was this one. But also this one And this one are fun.

Hugo and I also watched this video on Rogue waves and I must say it was very interesting and disturbing. (via

cooking: In a shocking turn of events, last week I cooked for a change and tried three new recipes, including the kale tofu bowl from Vegetarians during the week (thanks to my friend Megan for the rec!) this Vegetarian ramen rich in mushrooms — the hint of peanut butter in the broth is really great — and these Salmon Crunch Bowls on Cup of Jo, which was easily everyone's favorite. Add this to your favorites Coconut Brussels Sprout Rice Bowl to try next.

scrolling: Lots of Hugo content this week! Hugo really liked scrolling to space in the Space Elevator, also via Kottke. The elevator music and choosing your space suit are especially fun. There's another one over there that goes down into the sea and that's good too.

I wish you all a fantastic weekend! I'll transport the kids and try to figure out when Mr. Rae's flight will land.


PS. see all my Friday favorites here.

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