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I've had this skirt pattern in mind for a while now, with all the warm weather lately, now seems like the perfect time to show off a little leg and move a little in my step. With this skirt, you will definitely swing your hips and hemline at every occasion.

It fits your body at the waist and hips, as most of us feel like we don't need extra volume there. Then the skirt flares out to give you a stunning loose hemline.

This skirt goes straight to the top of my summer sewing list!  The cotton jersey is great, but I LOVE the drape of the ITY knit version.

What's so great about that?

  • Quick and easy to sew
  • Comfortable elastic waist
  • Fitted at the waist and hips
  • Lots of sparkle and fun
  • Uses stretch fabric for fit and comfort
  • In hip sizes 34 to 50 inches
Ruffled Bouncy Skirt Collage - Pink


  • Stretch knit fabric with good drape and non-directional pattern
  • 3/4 inch elastic, enough for your size
  • Downloading the pattern

Fabric needed for all sizes – 1 and 2/3rd yards, assuming 54 inches wide fabric and a finished skirt length of 20 inches.

Fabric Recommendations

My salmon pink skirt is made from cotton jersey and the print is an ITY knit. Both are pretty, but the ITY is my favorite, the fabric hangs prettier than the cotton knit and you get smoother curves on the skirt.

This skirt goes straight to the top of my summer sewing list!  The cotton jersey is great, but I LOVE the drape of the ITY knit version.

How to download

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Wondering what the print is and how it will look on a circle skirt? Check out the previous article on the half-circle wrap skirt for a full explanation and choose your print carefully 🙂

Directional printing

How to cut the ruffled bouncy skirt pattern

Start by downloading the pattern file from Craftsy. This includes basic pattern information and the pattern pieces you will need for this skirt.

Assemble the pattern and use your tape measure to measure the widest part of your hips – usually about 6 to 8 inches from your waist, but this can vary. Take note of this measurement and check the size chart. Cut your pattern to fit your hip size.

You can either cut out your pattern or trace it. Here you can see me using both options. Tracing your pattern can be a good option if you plan to make the skirt in different lengths or sizes, one for you, one for your daughter perhaps.

ruffled skirt pattern

NOTE – the finished length of this skirt is 20 inches, including a 1/2 inch hem allowance. If you want to make it longer or shorter, adjust your pattern piece before cutting it out – use the hems on the outer circle as a guide for lengthening or shortening.


Fold your fabric and place the edge of the design on the fold where indicated. Cut two top pieces and two bottom pieces, all on the fold of your fabric.

How to Sew the Ruffled Bouncy Skirt

Good news, it's very quick, just a few seams and you will be ready to put on your skirt. There is no front and back, just a top and a bottom.

ruffled skirt

Take a top piece and combine it right sides together with the bottom ruffled piece. Mark and match the centers of each piece, then the edges and release the ruffle to fit the top piece. Pin then sew with stretch stitch or narrow zigzag. A half inch seam allowance is included. Use your overlocker or cut and clean your seam – try using an overlock stitch on a regular sewing machine.


Repeat the operation for the other 2 pieces. We can already see the pretty shape of the skirt.

bouncy ruffled skirt

Join the side seams. Match the top, bottom, seam line and pin, then sew and finish sewing as before.


Turn inward one inch at the top of the skirt to form a casing. Pin then sew close to the raw edge, using a stretch stitch. Leave a few inches of opening at one of the side seams so we can add elastic. (I only had a wide elastic so I turned it an inch and a quarter. It really doesn't make much difference :-))


Take an elastic band and test it for size around your waist until you are happy with the comfortable fit. Cut the elastic to length. Add a large safety pin to one end and pass the elastic through the casing, being careful not to twist it.


When you have passed both ends, place the ends of the elastic side by side and zigzag them with a wide stitch to join the elastic. Pull it all the way into the case, then close the gap in the case.


Try on your skirt and check its length. Raise 1/2 inch on the wrong side and finish your hem with a double-needle finish or your preferred finish for knits.

bouncy ruffled skirt

Wear your skirt and ruffle, bounce and twirl. Make one in a print, you'll probably want to make another in a solid too. Such a quick and fun skirt to sew and wear.

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This skirt goes straight to the top of my summer sewing list!  The cotton jersey is great, but I LOVE the drape of the ITY knit version.

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