Free sewing pattern for “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts (November only)

Let's get into the Christmas spirit! This month's free template Inspiration magazine are the “Rudy and “Snowman” shirts, which include two cute applique designs. You can download the pattern for free until November 30, 2023 in the section “Download the free sewing pattern for the “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts (November only)”. As always, you will have to act quickly because each pattern is only available for free download for the month indicated.

Sew the “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts

If you've never sewn children's clothes, this shirt is a good start. It’s a simple model that is quickly set up. The loose fit is also forgiving of small mistakes, and you can always go bigger by adding ruffles, sequins, or printed fabrics. It's so fun to add your own playful touch!

The little girl with pigtails smiles at the camera while wearing the shirt "Rudy" with an applied motif of Rudolf.  His brother is wearing a blue sweater with a snowman and lettering "baby, it's cold outside" on the left.  Both designs are included in this month's free sewing pattern.

For the “Rudy” shirt, we added a red pompom nose and a bow. Now our happy little one has some cute 3D elements to play with! When embroidering on knitted fabrics, be sure to stabilize your fabric. If you need some tips, check out Kat Walters' article “Machine Applique and Sewing Baby Bibs.” This will surely answer some of your questions and perhaps give you an idea for a Christmas gift.

a set of three dinosaur themed baby bibs, two with appliques, on a table with fabric and thread

Take a look at the magazine…

The free pattern and sewing instructions for the “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts appeared in Inspiration Magazine 3/2020.

This number wants to inspire you with skirts, dresses or pants – practical and comfortable fashion, which is both individual and special. Or how about something lasting? For example, giving new life to old sweaters, jeans or leftover fabric? You will be amazed at how much fun it is and what beautiful things can be created from them. And for Christmas, there is a lot to discover, from decorations for gifts and packaging, which makes the holiday season even more beautiful.

fall/winter 2020 issue of "inspiration".

Issue 3/2020 is available as a single issue in the inspiration online store at the following link:

You can buy the patterns and the magazine online or have them easily delivered to your home.

Download the free sewing pattern for the “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts (November 2023 only)

You can download the free sewing pattern for the “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts at the following link:

The link takes you to the BERNINA website. The pattern can be downloaded for free during the month of November after subscribing to the BERNINA inspiration newsletter.

Technical drawing of shirts "Rudy" And "Snowman".

Unzip the zip file containing the model

If you download the zip file instead of the pdf, this is what you will find in the extracted folder:

  • Sewing instructions with information on materials, cutting and sewing
  • A pattern in A4 format. You can print it on your usual printer at home and glue the sheets together. Make sure to print the design using the “original size” setting. Check the test square to make sure the design was printed at the correct size.
  • A zip file with the embroidery designs.

Please note that clicking the download button will automatically download the zip file to your computer. You will need to unzip it to access the PDF pattern or embroidery designs. In Windows, you do this by right-clicking the file and clicking the “Extract All” menu item. On a Mac, you can unzip zip files by double-clicking the left mouse button.

Downloaded files are usually automatically placed in the downloads folder, but this depends on the operating system, the device used and your local settings. If you download the file to your smartphone and can't find it or can't unzip it, try using a desktop computer.

Do you want to sew the “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts, but missed the download?

Would you like to sew the “Rudy” and “Snowman” shirts, but November 2023 is already over? No problem! You can order the pattern in store, download it and print it or have it delivered to your home. Simply click on the following link:

We wish you lots of fun with your sewing!

Best wishes,

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