Floral Garnet + Ruby Top — Made by Rae

But let's get back to this summit! I designed Garnet and Ruby to be interchangeable so it couldn't be simpler to make this top; Simply swap the pattern piece from the Garnet yoke for the Ruby yoke, then follow the cutting and sewing instructions for Garnet. Because Garnet has a lined yoke (Ruby doesn't), you cut four Ruby yokes – two in the front, two in the back – and use the burrito method to line it up (this which… is a fun pattern trick, of course! Even I have to admit that I hold my breath every time I pass this fabric through the burrito. It's like seeing it for the first time, every time ! NEVER BECOME OLD LOL!!!)

If you have no idea what the burrito method is, Amy wrote a tutorial about it in 2022 when we updated Ruby, and I also made a series of videos that you can access via the resources section of the Ruby page (TW: my earrings 2013. WHOA).

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