Final week of the Avery Lane Sewing Bee – Avery Lane Sewing

The finalists received the final brief on Saturday November 26 and are in the last days of their deadline to sew one last time.

The finalists:


Diana has been sewing for 55 years. She has lived in Northeast Ohio most of her life and is now enjoying her retirement. Over the years, Diana made clothes for herself and her family, quilts large and small, and of course doll clothes. “The dolls are very easy to sew since they always show up for fittings and never complain about the color or style.”


Janet has been sewing for about 8 years. She likes to push herself to try new patterns and use different fabrics, from a cowboy shirt with vinyl panels to a fully lined coat.


Andee started sewing on a sewing machine 25 years ago, but before that she sewed by hand. Her latest sewing projects include a suffragette doll, for which she made a petticoat and learned to work with boning.

I will post the last three “show stopper” entries as soon as the deadline passes.

In the meantime, I thought it would be nice to look back at some of the stunning handmade garments we saw throughout the competition.

Check back in a few days to see what the 3 finalists create for the final challenge.


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