Embroidery on the free dress ‘Nahla’

What a beautiful girl's dress! I already noticed the Nahla pattern in Inspiration magazine. Now that it's the August 2023 free template, it's time to make it. Instructions for downloading the design and embroidery file can be found in this blog post. Afterwards, you can always find it on the Inspiration website. I will start with the embroidery and continue later with the dress.

Did you notice the organza flowers? You can choose whether you make the dress with the embroidery pattern or simply skip the embroidery. To embroider the flowers, I hacked the pattern.

Embroidery on the free dress 'Nahla'

There are several small flowers, made with satin stitch. These are long stitches, side to side. If you make these flowers, you will need to cut the thread in the back to make fringes. This is what the embroidery looks like:

My advice: try this on a piece of fabric first. I think it could be interesting to have additional stabilizer for a nice result.

Did you know that you can always adjust embroidery files? There is a possibility in the machine to skip lines or embroidery objects (by color). For this file I skipped 4 colors. This means that I only embroidered the last one, the one that makes the leaves and the flower stems. To ignore a color or object, simply click the triangle to the right of the color block:

It is best to embroider the file before cutting out the design. It is easier to position the fabric on the interfacing. Position the part of the design with the embroidery near the bottom of the fabric. You never know something is wrong. You won't spill a lot of fabric this way.

What do you need?

  • The dress pattern and embroidery file (can be found in the article mentioned above)
  • Embroidery stabilizer
  • Plain cotton or linen fabric
  • I chose colorful butterfly buttons instead of fringe stitches
  • Mettler Séralon sewing thread for embroidery and sewing
  • Mettler Web Bond Temporary Adhesive Spray
  • organza
  • Maxi Hoop
  • BERNINE 700
Image of the BERNINA 700.


The B 700 convinces with many new innovative functions such as precise placement. Additionally, this embroidery machine comes with many embroidery designs.

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Image of the Maxi Hoop.

Maxi Hoop

The Maxi embroidery hoop (40 x 21 cm) is suitable for large embroidery designs and borders.

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Embroider the design:

It is better to cut an extra half of the front panel and assemble it into one piece:

Draw the pattern on the fabric, with 1 cm seam allowance. Take courage. Mark the middle of the embroidery file on the front panel.

Mark the center of the stabilizer with a vertical and horizontal line.

Use temporary adhesive spray and pins to attach the fabric to the stabilizer.

Embroidery :

So I only embroidered the last object and chose a green stitched thread. Instead of fringes, I add butterfly buttons. Cut 10 x 10 cm organza strips or patches. Keep the edges from curling by holding them along a candle flame. Roll or gather to sew the organza to the fabric.

It's time to sew the organza buttons and flowers to the fabric.

Embroidery on the free dress 'Nahla'

Isn't this a nice eye-catcher for the girls' dress?

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