Easy DIY Harvest Apron

Learn how to make an easy DIY harvest apron for the garden. It acts as an apron and can be transformed into a bag to carry all your products.

I love having fresh vegetables and I plant a garden every year. I'm just a beginner gardener and only have success with a few vegetables, but I love getting out and harvesting what grows.

When I pick vegetables, I usually weed and water at the same time, and I like to protect what I'm carrying and have something to wipe my hands with. I made a DIY harvest apron that doubles as an apron and can convert into a large pocket to hold fresh produce.

I usually only have success with zucchini, yellow squash and tomatoes. I love planting these plants because I know I will always get something. They must be doing well where I live.

These vegetables would work well in this harvest apron because they are a little firmer. But I have to be careful with the tomatoes. I would not use this apron with soft fruits or vegetables.

The way this apron works is there is a large button at the top center. There is also a loop at the bottom of each corner of the apron.

You grab one of the loops and pop it onto the button. Then grab the other loop and pull it over the button. It's not a fully enclosed pouch, but it will hold plenty of vegetables.

easy DIY harvest apron

What is a harvest apron?

A harvest apron is a type of apron designed for harvesting produce from a garden or small orchard. It usually has a large pocket or pouch on the front, large enough to hold a lot of products.

This allows you to keep your hands free while you pick, and it also helps prevent produce from getting dirty or bruised. It's also great for wiping your hands while you work.

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easy DIY harvest apron

Easy DIY Harvest Apron


DIY harvest apron supplies

First cut two 30-inch by 30-inch squares from the quilting cotton.

cut two pieces

Cut two pieces of ribbon 6 inches long. Fold it in half and sew the open side closed.

Fold it in half and brush it into the bottom corner of one of the squares. Leave a 1/2 inch seam allowance on the side where the seam will be.

thread the loops to the corners of the hem

With right sides together, pin the squares together, matching all corners.

Sew all around with a 3/8 inch seam allowance. Leave a 6 inch hole for turning.

sew the rectangles right sides together leave a hole

Cut each corner to reduce clutter.

clip corners

Turn the apron right side out. Clear the corners.

turn right

Press all edges flat.

Topstitch around all edges 1/8 inch from the edge. This is how you will close the hole.

press and topstitch

At the top center of the apron, create pleats. I created two folds on each side 1 inch wide. This pulled the top of the apron 8 inches.

Baste the folds in place.

fine pleats on top

With the remaining ribbon, fold it in half to find the center. Fold the top of the apron in half to find the center.

Match the center of the ribbon with the center of the apron. Clip in place.

center of ribbon to center of pleats

Sew the ribbon to the top of the apron to create the belt and ties. I overlapped my 1 inch ribbon halfway across the top of the apron.

sew a ribbon at the top for the waist

Hand-sew the button to the top center of the apron. I sewed it once and tied it, then I sewed it again and tied it. I didn't want the button to come off while I was carrying vegetables.

sew the button

Tie the ends of the ribbons into bows to finish the edges.

easy DIY harvest apron

If you make anything using this sewing project, I'd love to see! Please share it on social media with the hashtag #heatherhandmade and identify me!

easy DIY harvest apron

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