Drape, dance and delight: celebrate in style with the magical Bellflower Redux dress

How to change the pattern:

*Note- In this post I explain the changes I made to the pattern and dress. For step-by-step instructions on how to sew the Bellflower dress, follow the instructions written on the original post. For this redux, I only used the upper sleeve pattern to give the dress short sleeves. Feel free to make your own changes that determine your style. If you plan to follow the same style, you will not need to print all the pattern pages for the bottom of the sleeve and the back of the sleeve. Print only pages 1 to 33.

1. After cutting the pattern into size 4, I planned to reduce the length of the dress by cutting it at the bottom. First, make a mark where you want the dress to end. I measured 5″ from the bottom and then cut out the curved strip at the end to use as a guide to keep that same shape. Use masking tape to place the strip near the mark you made, then cut the rest of the patterned paper to shorten the length. Do this for the back pattern as well.

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