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Introducing our very first pattern of the new year – the Ophelia dress! We think it's summer in a garment – ​​light, loose, cool and very, very comfortable.

Ophelia was designed to fit (but not too snug) above the bust with bust darts and wide, comfortable straps and neckband. It features a subtle shape at the waist that gently flares to a mid-length hem. The topstitching highlights the button on the front; pockets sewn inside the seam; center back seam and wide hem.

With its simple, effortless silhouette, Ophelia promises to be one of those classic summer dress styles that will never go out of style. In fact, the inspiration for this design came from an always-loved, never-forgotten summer dress that Colette wore in the 1980s, made by Silva, which had buttons all the way up the side.

Ophelia's uniqueness undoubtedly lies in these eighteen buttons. Choose a contrasting button to really make them stand out, but if you prefer a more understated style, buttons in the same or similar fabric color offer a more subtle look. The other beauty of all these buttons: going high or low, allowing for a fully adjustable sharing function. It's also important to mention that you only need to undo a few (2-3) top buttons to get in and out of this dress.

Are there pockets? Of course there is! Ophelia has side sewn pockets that lie flat and are sewn to the front of the dress. This means no loose, flapping internal pocket bags.

Ophelia has been deliberately designed with wide straps and a higher back to allow it to be worn comfortably with the right style of bra.

The three samples here are made using our Washed laundry Bedford. Colette is here PortMonique (above) in Chain and Zoe (below) wears White. OUR Newford, Loren And Linda the sheets would all work perfectly too.

We haven't done any yet but we love the idea of ​​a winter Ophelia, in wool, superimposed on a turtleneck.

Recommended fabrics for the Ophelia dress include medium weight laundry, linen blends and light wools such as wool crepe.

The pattern is available in (Australian) sizes 6-18 and 18-22 and is now available in paper version and PDF in workshop/print at home version. UK/EU customers can purchase this dress design from our French Tessuti model website.

We can't wait to see your creations and if you share with us on Instagramdon't forget to use the hashtags #OpheliaDress #TessutiPatterns #SewTessuti!

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