Decorate with the circular embroidery accessory

Decide to create a beautiful eye-catcher on your sewing project and decorate it with the circular embroidery accessory. There are so many possibilities.

I want to make a small bag, it could be used for different occasions. You have this pretty circular shape with the circular embroidery attachment and I want a round shape for half of my bag. My hooks fit into:

I put the beginner level, because the main idea is to use the circular embroidery accessory, which is really simple to use. Inserting the zipper like I did (seen on a TikTok tutorial) is more for ‘beginners +'.

Materials to make a bag with the circular embroidery accessory:

  • An embroidery hoop to secure the fabric.
  • A firm fabric, approximately 6 cm wider than the hoop.
  • Ironing on stabilizer
  • 14 cm decorative ribbon
  • Strong adhesive tape
  • Mettler Séralon sewing thread
  • A zipper (mine is 19 cm), the length of the zipper defines the shape of the bag.
  • THE Circular embroidery attachment n°83
  • Sharp fabric scissors
  • A double ring
  • A hot erase pen
Image of circular embroidery accessory no. 83.

Circular embroidery attachment n°83

Circular embroidery accessory No. 83 allows you to embroider unusual and decorative circles or semi-circles.

Learn more

Iron the interfacing onto the fabric. Place it in the embroidery hoop. Draw a line from the middle to the outline of the hoop with the hot erase pen.

I chose a simple decorative stitch: a line with leaves, they will be sewn in standard mode and in mirror mode. This is done by clicking on the vertical mirror button (click on the black and white triangle with the horizontal line).

Apply a piece of firm tape to the back of your fabric. Don't cut it too big, you will sew it back together with the first circle if it is too big.

Place the circular embroidery accessory on the machine:

Place the center of the fabric in the hoop on the pin. Don't forget to put the silicone cap back on, you could hurt your hands with the sharp pin.

I start each new circle on the red line, so all the ends line up.

Make sure the fabric has freedom of movement. If necessary, you can roll up the corners and pin them to the front.

The center line of the first circle serves as a guideline for the next, following the left side of the presser foot. I always like to take Open embroidery foot #20 as standard foot. This gives me an excellent view of my work.

Image of open embroidery foot n°20.

Open embroidery foot #20

Perfect for sewing decorative stitches ✓ Creating attractive appliqué designs ✓ Allows you to accurately follow lines and patterns ✓ Open shape for a clear view of the project ✓ For 5.5mm and 9mm machines ✓

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The hoop is full, so the decorative eye-catcher is complete. The most difficult aspect of using the circular embroidery accessory is having a clean transition between the end and start of each line. You can sew tape over it in another project or adjust the stitch length to make it fuzzy.

Decorate with the circular embroidery accessory

Bag finishing:

Cut the fabric on the red line up to 1 cm from the center of the circle (I already pinned the zipper for the photo, so I had to remove it).

Pin the zipper along the red line, right side against the fabric.

Decoration with the circuit board device

Sew with Zipper foot n°4 along the zipper. The seam line is half the width of the zipper leg.

Image of zipper foot n°4.

Zipper foot n°4

Precisely sew zippers of all sizes ✓ For 5.5mm and 9mm machines ✓

Learn more

Lift the zipper and cut the red line end toward the needle.

Rotate the project 180°. The zipper is now an extension of the opening. Sew the bottom part.

Cut the other corner and flip the zipper over the open line. Check carefully if the two circular lines match.

The zipper is finished:

Decorate with the circular embroidery accessory

Sew a zigzagline to the edge of the fabric and the zipper. Overlock foot n°2 is your help:

Image of overlocker foot n°2.

Overlock foot n°2

Overlock ✓ Clean edges ✓ For elastic and stretchy materials ✓ Creates a flat, elastic seam ✓ For 5.5mm and 9mm machines ✓

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Topstitch around the zipper. I continued sewing with the serger foot and guided along the edge of the presser foot.

Finish the bag:

Fold the project in half, right sides together. Place the ribbon between the fabric on both sides.

Sew with a straight stitch around the circular decoration. Finish with a zigzag stitch or overlock.

The bag is ready for any application.

Look, for the glitter markers:

Decorate with the circular embroidery accessory

Or for all those cables you collect over the years:

Decorate with the circular embroidery accessory

Decorate with the circle embroidery accessory for a fun eye-catcher on a project.

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