Convert a round neck to a V-neck

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In the recesses of my closet sits a collection of t-shirts, each loaded with sentimental value or personal meaning. Among them, concert memorabilia, travel memorabilia and visually striking graphic tees stand out, their allure muted only by ill-fitting crewnecks. Take, for example, a souvenir Disney Animal Kingdom shirt, beloved for its vibrant hue and captivating design, but perpetually sidelined due to its uncomfortably tight neckline – a stark contrast to my preference for the casual elegance of collars in V.

But fear not, because there is a simple solution to this dilemma. This week, I'm sharing the transformation process by which any crew neck t-shirt can be easily converted into a v-neck t-shirt. Join me on this creative journey as I bring my once garment back to life neglected. Soon, this t-shirt will proudly take its place in my regular wardrobe rotation, a testament to the power of sewing and remodeling.

From round neck to V-neck


Try on the shirt and mark where you want the V to touch your chest.


Cut the existing neckband just below the seam.


Fold the T-shirt in half with the shoulder seams aligned. Mark a cut line from the shoulder seams to the mark you made in the previous step. Cut the slanted neckline at the front.


Measure the new neckline. Mine is now 24 inches.


To create the new neckline, first calculate 85% of the new neckline measurement. Create a new neckline by cutting a 2-inch piece of knitted jersey by this new neckline measurement. My new lanyard measures 2 inches by 20.4 inches. I just rounded to 20.5. You stretch it slightly as you sew it.


Pin the neckband to your neckline, right sides together, and sew the rest of the neckband with an overlocker or zigzag stitch like I did.

Watch this video for tips on creating the perfect V-spot!

It was easy! And now I have a comfortable neckline on a T-shirt that I love.

Hack a t-shirt template

Transforming a simple neckline into a chic V-neck masterpiece isn't limited to just pre-existing tees. It's a versatile technique that can enhance any t-shirt sewing pattern with a V-neck or any piece for which you want to have a V-neck. Here we present a selection of models suitable for this simple technique.

T-shirt designs to try

More t-shirt inspiration

Looking for more t-shirt inspiration? Check out these articles!

Happy sewing the V-neck and wearing the T-shirt!

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