Collar for Lux dress: tutorial

Collar for Lux dress: tutorial

I love adding extras to existing patterns or changing little things that make each piece even more unique.
This time I am happy to present a tutorial for adding a collar to the Lux dress.
You can also download the additional pattern for this collar for free, no need to start drawing it yourself ;-).

Download the pattern here!
For sizes 80 – 92: print page 1
For sizes 98 – 116: print page 2
For sizes 122 – 140: print page 3
For sizes 146 – 164: print page 4

I sewed the sample dress with my sewing machine BERNINE 480 AND overlocker BERNINA L 890my perfect match!
As always, I used the Three-Sole Walking Foot with Sewing Guide #50 on my machine for the best result.

Three-Sole Walking Foot with Sewing Guide #50

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Image of the BERNINA L 890.


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Image of the BERNINA 480.


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-sewing machine and (possibly) overlocker
-fabric (see pattern for requirements) and matching thread
-model Lux Dress and more collar pattern piece
-30 cm interfacing (e.g. vlieseline H180 from G785))
-button or hook/eye closure


1. Cut out the pattern pieces

Cut out the pattern pieces needed for your dress with this adjustment:
copy the facing you see at the top of the suit onto the center back seam of your back, and don't forget to add a seam allowance.
It will look like this:

Cut out the mirrored 2 x 2 collar pattern pieces.
You get a total of 4 collar pieces, 2 for the outer collar and 2 for the inner collar.

2.Prepare the collar pattern pieces

Apply interfacing to 2 mirrored collar pieces.

Lux kraagje verstevigen

Cut 2mm off the outer edges of the non-interfaced collar pieces.

3.Sew the collar

Pin a necklace piece with and without interfacing right sides together.

Sew the outer edge at 1 cm.

Cut half the seam allowance and make small darts in the rounded edges.

Turn the collar right side out and press flat.

On the back, you will see that the seam line is slightly turned inward.
This way you won't see this seam when the collar is sewn to the dress.

Topstitch the collar 5mm from the edge.

Repeat for the remaining 2 collar pieces.

4.Prepare the dress

Place the 2 back pieces right sides together and pin the seam.

Sew from the marked point down 1 cm from the edge.
Backstitch well when you start.

Press the center back seam open and the facings lie flat.

Pin and sew the front and back shoulder seams, right sides together.
Iron the seam towards the back.

We are ready to attach the collar to the dress.

5.Sew the collar to the dress

Pin the collar pieces to the neckline of the dress, with the underside of the collar facing the right side of the dress.
Start pinning at the front center mark and continue toward the back center mark.

Make sure the collar pieces touch in the center front.

Sew 5mm from the edge.

Fold the facing back onto the collar right sides together and pin it.
This will place the collar between the neckline of the dress and the facing.

Press the neckband in half along the long side, wrong sides together.

We will pin the choker to the right side of the collar.
To do this, start by pinning the neckband to one of the back facings, placing the neckline 1 cm above the facing.

Go all the way around and finish with the other facing.

Sew the neckline to the width of the presser foot (7.5 mm) from the edge, all the way around.
Start and finish at the ends of the siding.

Fold your neckline upwards, over the seam allowance of the neckline.

Topstitch the neckline (you also sew within the seam allowance) 2 mm from the edge.
Start and end the seam at the facing, you are not sewing into the facing itself.

Then fold and iron the neckline inwards.
Turn the facings right side out.

Sew the neckline all around 2 mm from the edge, you will also go along the center back slit.
Sew this seam to the inside of the dress.

6. Closure at the back of the neck

Sew a loop and button to the back of the neckline or use a hook/eye closure.

Finish the dress following the pattern instructions.

You're done, great job!
I can’t wait to see your versions 🙂



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