Cape Crested Butte: 3 reasons to sew along

Learn how to make a stunning winter cape in our new Butte crested cape to sew!.

As a seamstress, there is always something new to learn; even after 25 years of sewing, I'm still learning new things. In the digital world we live in, there are many ways to learn new skills, and with so much new information at our fingertips, it's difficult to decide where to start improving your sewing skills.

While you can gather information from blog posts and YouTube videos, there's something to be said for joining a course that brings all the pieces together, especially for a more specific skill like fashion clothing. ‘outside.

As we designed the Cape Butte at Crete, Sadie and I knew it had to be a seam. This is a great workshop, not because it's too difficult, but because it's full of great skills that every seamstress needs if they extend their skills to outerwear. Additionally, the cape has great skills that can be transferred to other designs other than outerwear.

Here are 3 more reasons why you should sew with us!

1. Learn new skills

The cape is full of new skills to master, like welt pockets, the shawl collar, and working with a fully lined garment. In each lesson, Sadie walks you through the steps from start to finish, sharing her process as she sews. By watching someone else sew a pattern, you discover different things that you might not have discovered by reading an article.

🧵The Crested Butte Sewing Cape starts November 21, 2023, so register now! This workshop style sewing includes all video tutorials and the cape pattern.

2. Expert Tips and Tricks

As Sadie guides you through the lessons, you also get the added benefit of hearing directly from me, the modeler, in each lesson. Through my Kimberly's Corner videos, I join you from my home studio on Vancouver Island to talk about tips and tricks when sewing the cape. Many of these tips can work for other sewing patterns; they are not just cape-specific. This section of the workshop aims to not only strengthen your knowledge, but also give you the confidence to apply these new skills in the future.

3. Motivation

Not only do you learn new skills and get support from expert tips and tricks, but by participating in a sewing session you are motivated to finish the garment. Sometimes when I'm sewing something new and more complicated, I have a hard time forcing myself to finish. If you take a course that takes you from one step to the next, it seems much less intimidating.

Sew Cape Crested Butte with us!

Sewing includes all video instructions and cape pattern. With all these reasons to sew, what are you waiting for? Register at Crested Butte Sewing Cape Today!

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