Black and White Citrines — Made by Rae

The white Citrine knit sweater is actually the first Citrine I ever made; this was a prototype of the model when I was designing it. The black Citrine jersey was made more recently to play with the combination of views A and B. Between these two and my navy Citrine, I can cover just about any outfit (literally).

For the white, I used leftover fabric from my Jade sweater, which creates great twinset opportunities (see photo at the bottom of the post).

Black Citrine is a combination of view A and view B of the pattern: the sleeves are view B and the body is view A. I also lengthened it by 1″ so that it was longer than this what the boss plans.

I'll be honest, I'm still not sure about the length of the black one – I keep thinking maybe I wish it was shorter? Maybe I could tinker with it a little more. Current ideas include cutting off the extra length or re-cutting the sleeves along the A-line so they are more fitted. Sometimes it's best to consider my handmade creations as WIP, even when they look finished (note to self: maybe stick to the pattern next time…?).

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