Best kept secret: thread spool surprise

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In the seemingly humble world of sewing supplies, the thread spool stands out not only for its thread, but also for the hidden secret behind it. This sewing equipment is used by everyone, but very few really know its trick.

Before sharing the tip and hidden secret, I have to ask you a question. You know when you get a new spool of thread and you can't find the end of it? You find yourself turning it over and over and becoming convinced that there must be no end, because where in the world could it lead?

What if I told you a simple twist and the end of your wire was revealed? You're probably thinking it can't be that simple, but it really is that simple.

Due to the structure of many major brands' thread spools, there is an internal core that can be exposed by simply twisting the bottom or top, causing the end of the thread to fray slightly and come out of its space hidden.

My favorite thing to do when teaching a sewing class is put out a new spool of thread, preferably Gutermann, and amaze all my students by spinning the reel. Surprises them every time.

Cool reels

Now that I've blown your mind, go try it, you'll usually find that this tip works for King Tut, Sulking, Cotton Coats, AurifilAnd Gutermann.

Here's how to find the start of a spool of Aurifil thread:

Learn more here! (Photo © Aurifil)

Storage Surprise

Now for the second time, did you know that Gütermann has a hidden compartment when the core is completely removed from the spool? Crazy, right?

Discover even more possibilities with Gütermann thread spools here! (Photo © Natalie Quiltessa)

This hidden compartment is great for holding hand sewing needles and pins, and I just discovered while writing this article that it can also hold a safety pin. Basically, a small sewing kit is contained in a spool of thread.

Want more best-kept secrets?

Check out our sewing secrets page to see all our best kept secrets. If you have one to share, email us at [email protected]!

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