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Who said it was the end of summer?! Introducing my bright and bold Barbie dress. I hope you have seen the movie!? No spoilers but I highly recommend it. I wish I could have made this dress before going because everyone was dressed in pink! I was still wearing my oversized gingham blouse N6707 but this dress would have been even more perfect.

M8321 jumped on me. It is similar to the popular Mimi G S9597 but personally I get a better fit with the McCall block. This is an open back elasticated dress with gathered skirts. I chose view A with its narrow strapped bodice and shorter ruffled skirt.

This soft gingham cotton is perfect for Barbie and this dress. He enters 24 other colors if you're not a pink person… like peacock or lilac, classic red and blue, and more. Gingham is perfect for this design because you can line the top edge of the bodice with a stripe, just like you can with the tiers of the skirt. I also love how you can ensure a neat hem on the skirt by folding along the striped lines too!

Almond Rock wears a McCall's M8321 pink gingham Barbie dress with a huge bow on the back

I made a straight size 12 which was so pretty! I'm normally graduated in the waist and hips, but the elasticated waist and ruched skirt meant it fit perfectly. You have to make sure you tie the back properly but you can wear a strapless bra under the big bow which I LOVE. If you made the straps thicker, you could probably wear a normal bra too.

Almond Rock wears a McCall's M8321 pink gingham dress with a huge bow on the back

Guess who made her husband watch a Bow tie masterclass covering bras 5 times in a row? I think he did a very good job! You wrap the tie lengths around the back of your bra to ensure the best coverage. Genius!! He has a job for life now.

Almond Rock wears a McCall's M8321 pink gingham dress with a huge bow on the back

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