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If you've ever dressed a little baby, you'll know how much they love to squirm; which makes it very difficult to put clothes on them. Any clothing that has to go over the baby's head or has lots of complicated buttons can be particularly cumbersome. That's why I love baby clothes with an opening in the front, like this baby kimono jumpsuit.

My little girl, Umi, has worn a kimono as her pajamas since she was born. She recently grew out of the kimono I bought her in Japan, so I decided to make my own baby kimono in a larger size.

Kimono-frog sewing pattern

The sewing pattern

This baby kimono sewing pattern is available in two sizes, 3-6 and 6-9 months. Umi is 7 months old and she wears size 6-9 months. Make sure to print the sewing pattern WITHOUT adjusting the size. You can check if you printed correctly by measuring the test square with a ruler.

If you need help with how to download and print PDF templates or how to print and assemble a PDF template, please see the linked tutorials.

Cut out the border and glue the 6 pages of the sewing pattern together to get this:

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Download the free template

You can download the Sew In Love Baby Kimono Onesie pattern from our Payhip account.

For help downloading and printing PDF templates, please CLICK HERE.

You will need

How to make a baby kimono onesie

The first step

Add the seam allowances as shown below before cutting the fabric. In case the diagram below is difficult to read, simply add 1.5 cm (3/5″) to all edges except the neckline and hem. Also cut approx. 85cm (25″) of 2cm (4/5″) wide bias tape from the same fabric.


Second step

Cut 6 pieces of cotton ribbon, each 18 cm (7″) long. Optional step: You can make your own ties from your fabric, instead of using purchased cotton ribbon.

Third step

With the wrong side facing each other, sew the shoulder seams together. Cut half of the seam. Sew the shoulder seam in a zigzag pattern toward the back. See step 3 of my Baby Kimono Top sewing tutorial for photos.

Step four

Fold the sleeves twice and sew.

Fifth step

Baste cotton tape over the left side seam where it is marked. With right sides together, sew the side seams 0.6mm (1/4″) from the edge. Cut close to the edge. Carefully cut the seam along the curve.
Turn the garment over so that the wrong sides face each other. Sew 0.6mm (1/4″) from the edge, covering the raw seams. See step 5 of my Baby Kimono Top sewing tutorial for photos.

Sixth step

Press the bias in half lengthwise. Starting at the back of the neck, attach the bias tape along the raw edge of the kimono by inserting the raw edge into the folded bias tape. First baste the bias by hand, then sew by machine. Remove the basting stitches.

Seventh step

Attach cotton ribbon to the front of the kimono, where marked. Sew a small square to hold the cotton ribbon in place. Sew the free end of the cotton ribbon to prevent fraying.

Step Eight

Attach the snaps at the marked locations.

I used a soft, lightweight denim-colored knit for my baby kimono. I think this would make a lovely gift, especially as a set with the baby kimono top (free sewing pattern) available for download on my blog, Sew with love!

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