Asmita conquers darts

Asmita is back to tell us how she overcame her fear of sewing darts with the Kyoto dress pattern.

If like me you're secretly a little afraid of darts, the Kyoto dress pattern is for you. In total, the dress requires sewing six darts: bust darts in the front bodice, waist darts in the front skirt and back darts. If there's one item of clothing that will help you become better at making darts, it's the Kyoto Dress!

Size: given my current measurements (HB 35, L 34, H 41.5) I decided to make a size 8 graduated to a 10 at the hips.

I've sewn gathers into dresses but noticed that a dart (instead of gathers or pleats) makes me feel like I'm sewing a more grown-up dress. At first I was terrified of sewing so many darts and had to do a few tries. Although I have sewn bust darts that end in the side seam, I had never sewn darts with legs into the waist seam. It turns out that these are much easier to sew and manipulate depending on the position of the top of the bust. The rear clamps were also completely new to me.

dark back floral dress waist view

In short, the Kyoto dress is a dress that seems difficult to sew but is not. The clips bring an elegance to the style that I really like. I had thought this would be a dress I would want to wear with leggings for formal occasions, but it turns out it's a dress to wear for any occasion (including an informal Christmas party!)

woman sitting in a leather armchair wearing a short-sleeved floral dress

The fabric I chose this time is a lightweight cotton with a running kantha stitch. I love how the bold print contrasts with the delicate stitch. I'm planning the next one in a slightly thicker indigo cotton. Maybe this one will be for formal occasions while I reserve it for a day at the beach or a casual party.

Have you learned a new skill from a Liesl + Co pattern? Tag us on Instagram and show us what you made!

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