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find time to sew

Struggling to find time to sew?

You know when you start a sewing project and time seems to slip by and boy can it go by so quickly. Then you must have a full-time job or you sew for family and household chores or just to manage daily life. Most of us cannot afford to enter that timeless zone called sewing, where we step on the pedal of the sewing machine and simply lose ourselves in time.

Management of time

Time management and preparation are essential for seamstresses like us. In reality, the problem is not just time, as most people may believe, but also time management and preparation, just to emphasize my point. A pillowcase, for example, can be sewn in fifteen minutes, if everything is ready. The fabric should be cut and ready to sew, the sewing machine is loaded, the scissors, pins and thread are all in one place and ready to go. You see, having a plan and preparing for our sewing project is a habit we should all cultivate.

The reality is that we have to “make” time to sew out of our busy schedules. This is especially true for those of us who have full-time jobs, and that includes being a full-time mom. Having a DIY project on hand, for example, can give us the opportunity to slip into sewing for a few moments. In fact, you can sew between changing diapers, playing with the children or during your lunch break at the office.

The truth is that we can progress at sewing a few precious minutes at a time, even if we’re working on a big project, by returning to our sewing regularly. Some of us may only be able to spare thirty minutes daily on our sewing projects, so we just have to take it, because although thirty minutes may seem like very little, it will make a big difference after a week or two!

find time to sew


Finding the right balance is one of our biggest challenges when juggling a full-time job and our love for sewing. In short, if we spend too much time working on our sewing project and start neglecting our other tasks, we lose our balance. And it’s also true the other way around, because expressing our creativity through sewing is something we shouldn’t let go of. In reality, the trick is finding that balance and only we can do it ourselves.

Organization Tips and Tricks

We should get into the habit of putting everything for a specific project in a clear plastic storage box. This way we can prepare everything we need in one place. We can also fold whatever we need into a fabric or tablecloth so all we have to do is lay it out on your table and start sewing. Clear plastic zip bags are also ideal for storing everything we need for a particular dress or quilt project.

When you plan to sew something, you need to take the time to complete it, even if you have divided all the steps into small units. Then you should follow these small sewing steps, one small unit at a time and believe me, before you know it, you are done.

Stay motivated to sew

It’s not only external factors like time and preparation that play a role in the success of a sewing project, but also our internal motivation. Staying inspired and keeping the enthusiasm alive can be a challenge, but it’s crucial to enjoying the sewing process.

Connect with other seamstresses online or join a local sewing club to share and gather inspiration. Seeing other people’s work can reignite your passion and give you new ideas for your projects. You may also want to subscribe to sewing magazines or blogs to keep up to date with the latest trends and techniques.

Set clear goals

Setting clear, achievable goals for your sewing projects can help you stay on track. Whether it’s creating a garment by a certain date or learning a new technique, having a goal in mind can make the process more rewarding. Breaking the project into smaller tasks can make it less overwhelming and more manageable.

Every small step you take is a step towards finalizing your project. It could be as simple as selecting the perfect fabric or mastering a new stitch. Celebrate these accomplishments, no matter how small, to stay motivated.

Let’s keep sewing! You can always find time to sew.

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