50+ Easy Sewing Projects for Beginners

If you're new to sewing and looking for simple, fun projects to start with, you're in luck! Here's a list of over 50 quick and easy sewing projects that even beginners can do. It's time to dust off that sewing machine and put it to work!

When it comes to learning to sew, the key is to take it step by step. Start with these simple projects to gradually build your skills. Before you know it, you'll be confident enough to tackle more complex sewing projects!

What is the easiest thing to sew for beginners? How to start sewing?

These are the most common sewing questions for beginners.

Most likely, the best approach for a beginner would be to start with quick and easy projects.

First, learn how to make a simple skirt, cute baby headband, envelope cushion covers, scrunchies, tote bag or apron. These are all easy projects that you can complete in less than an hour as a beginner.

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And here are my best tips: How to Sew Straight Lines on Your Sewing Machine.

How to choose your first sewing project?

It's a good idea to start with something you love and is worth doing. This way you will stay motivated. Plus, once you're done, you'll definitely feel more confident in your sewing skills.

And remember this, whatever project you are going to try First of all. Even if your goal is to make your final product look polished and professional, remember to enjoy the process. Take your time and move slowly through the steps.

Here you will find more 50 Easy Sewing Projects for Beginnersaccompanied by richly illustrated, easy-to-follow tutorials.

Check them out and choose your favorite!

50 Easy Sewing Projects Perfect for Beginners

1. Reusable Makeup Wipes A beautiful mess

easy sewing projects

2. Reusable Produce Bags from I Can Sew This

reusable produce bag sewing tutorial

3. Easy pin cushion with baby pompoms from home Can she sew?

4. Drawstring Dice Bag (Free Pattern) from I Can Sew This

Drawstring Dice Bag (Free Pattern)

5. Butterfly Hair Bows Make him love

easy sewing projects

6. Favorites from I Can Sew This

DIY colorful satin scrunchies

7. DIY bow tie for children Make him love

8. Free Knotted Baby Hat Pattern from I can sew this

Free Knotted Baby Hat Pattern

9. Knotted Bow Headband from Coral and Co.

10. Simple Zipper Pouch, a foolproof method from I Can Sew This

how to make a simple zipper pouch tutorial

11. Fabric bows Craftaholics Anonymous

easy sewing projects

12. Small DIY Drawstring Bag from I Can Sew This

DIY small drawstring bag tutorial

13. Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeve Staci cunning

14. Mini pouch pattern Apple Green Cottage

15. Free Oven Gloves Pattern from I Can Sew This

free sewing pattern for oven gloves

16. 10 Minute Pencil Roll from My Poppet does

17. Cushion cover from I Can Sew This


18. Simple Drawstring Bag Purl Soho

19. Easy Messenger Bag Diary of a quilter

20. Reversible Fabric Coasters from I Can Sew This

DIY fabric coasters, coffee cup

I hope you enjoy this roundup of easy sewing projects! More ideas to come!

21. Simple Tote Bag Crazy little projects

easy sewing projects
Easy Sewing Projects – DIY Travel Toothbrush Holder

23. Frayed-Edge Linen Dress Tutorial (Probably the Easiest Dress You'll Ever Sew) from I Can Sew This

Linen dress tutorial with frayed edges

24. Table runner A beautiful mess

25. Bowl cover Crushed peas and carrots

26. Reusable Rice Hand Warmers from I Can Sew This

DIY Reusable Rice Hand Warmers

27. Cloth Napkins from I Can Sew This

cloth napkin tutorial

28. Fabric tray See Kate Sew

29. Fabric basket Thread my way

30. Bookmark and pencil holder from Can she sew?

31. DIY Envelope Pillowcase with Ties (No Overlocker Needed) from I can sew this

sewing tutorial - envelope pillowcase with ties

32. Reading pillow Polka dot chair

33. DIY tablet case from Can she sew?

34. Fabric banner Viva Veltoro

35. Minky baby blanket from Suzy Duvets

36. Infinity scarf from I Can Sew This

Infinity scarf tutorial

37. Apron crossed in the back of Félicité sewing patterns

38. Easy apron Scattered thoughts from an astute mom

39. Bandana bib Sweet red poppy

40. Knotted bib Delia creates

41. Free Baby Bloomers Pattern from I Can Sew This

Free Baby Bloomers Pattern

42. Circular skirt of Made every day

easy sewing projects

43. Easy Ruffle Skirt Simple Simon and Co.

44. Easy 10-Minute Skirt From Make him love

easy sewing projects

45. Simple Cotton Skirt from I Can Sew This

Simple cotton skirt

46. ​​No Pattern, Simple Summer Skirt with Pockets from I Can Sew This

simple summer skirt with pockets - sewing tutorial

47. Peasant dress Sew a lot of noise

easy sewing projects

48. Pajama shorts from Melly Coud

49. Kimono cardigan Simple Simon and Co.

50. Easy Barbie Dress Tutorial (+ Free Pattern) from I Can Sew This

easy Barbie dress tutorial and free pattern

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