5 Best Fabric Paints for T-Shirts – Learn to Sew

October 5, 2023 By Joleen Washington

Fabric painting is a great way to express your creativity. Many fabric paints work well on fabrics like cotton or cotton/polyester blends, making them a popular choice for t-shirts. There are a range of different fabric paints available to purchase. Paint can be brushed on or applied with another method such as stamping, stencils or sponges, or can be applied directly from the tube if a nozzle is attached. Some paints even come in marker or pen form for greater precision.

Product Name Main characteristics Best for
1 Tulip Soft Fabric Paint Opaque, durable, flexible, easy to apply, available in multi-packs, affordable Variety of applications, all colors of fabric t-shirts
2 Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink Versatile and vibrant colors, soft texture, machine washable, easily washable with soap and water when wet Artistic expression and various design methods
3 Neon Nights UV Fabric Paint Appears under black light, vibrant and opaque, safe to use, washable and ironable Customization beyond classic illustrations, all t-shirt colors
4 Dimensional Fabric Paint Tulip Non-toxic, comes in squeeze bottles with finer tips for precise application, different colors and styles, durable Write or make accents on fabrics, child-friendly projects
5 Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers Dual Tip Markers with Permanent Ink, Used on All Types of Fabrics, Professional Quality, Non-Toxic, Fade Resistant, Weather Resistant Precision in application, various fabric backings including shoes and accessories

Best Fabric Paints for T-Shirts

Here are our reviews of fabric paints for T-shirts.

1. Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

Tulip Soft Fabric Paint

Fabric paint is gentle and stays soft even after drying so it won’t crack or sag afterward. The paint is opaque and the rich colors are visible on all colors of fabric t-shirts to which the paint is applied. Tulip Soft Fabric Paint can be used in many different ways. If you’re stuck or in a creative rut, try watching tutorials for different project ideas.

  • Can often be purchased in multi-packs of many different colors
  • Quite affordable for the quality of the paint
  • The paint is durable, flexible and easy to apply with a brush

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2. Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink

Fabric Creations Soft Fabric Ink

This fabric paint is quite inexpensive per bottle and can be purchased in a range of colors. The paint is versatile and can be used on T-shirts, but also works well on many different objects and materials. Paint can be applied using brushes, stencils, sponges, stamps or more, perfect for artistic expression and design.

  • The paint is available in many different, vibrant colors and can be mixed to create custom colors.
  • Incredibly soft texture that can be machine washed after drying.
  • Easily washable with soap and water while still damp

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3. Neon Nights UV Fabric Paint

Neon Nights UV Fabric Paint

This fabric paint allows for a high degree of artistic design and customization that goes beyond conventional works of art. UV fabric paint shows up under a black light for that extra fun and funky factor. The paint is vibrant and opaque, meaning it can be used on any color t-shirt.

  • The colors are bright and stand out
  • The fabric can be washed and even ironed once the paint has dried
  • The paint is high quality, but it is also safe to use

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4. Dimensional Fabric Paint Tulip

Dimensional Fabric Paint Tulip

Tulip Dimensional Fabric Paint allows the user to have even more fun with their projects. The paint is non-toxic and therefore safe for children to use. Perhaps the best part is that the paint comes in squeeze bottles with finer tips, making application precise and easy. The paint is ideal for writing or making accents.

  • Stands upright and is durable – will not crack or peel once paint dries
  • The fabric can be washed once the paint has dried
  • Paint is available in many different colors and styles, such as neon or gloss paint, and can often be purchased in large packages of several colors.

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5. Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers

Crafts 4 All Fabric Markers

Are you looking for a controlled support that allows for more precision in application? Crafts 4 All fabric markers are exactly what they sound like. This is a permanent ink dual tip marker. They can be used on all types of fabrics and backings, including clothing, and have many other applications including shoes, accessories, and can even be used around the home.

  • Professional quality
  • Can be purchased in packs of different, vibrant colors
  • Non-toxic, fade resistant, weather resistant and holds up to washing

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T-Shirt Fabric Paint Buying Guide

Why buy textile paint? Fabric paint is a fairly inexpensive way to customize t-shirts, but it can also usually be used on a wide variety of other clothing, accessories, and even shoes, if they’re made from materials like cloth. Textile paints allow a high degree of customization. T-shirts can be purchased at many craft stores, online, or at retail stores without a print or pattern, in many different colors, and most fabric paints can be applied directly to the t-shirt . They are easy to use and will last over time.


Fabric paints are, for the most part, incredibly economical. Some paints can be purchased for a few dollars each, while others come in multipacks of many different colors. Fabric paints come in so many different varieties that you can choose several to use on a project without breaking the bank. Fabric paints generally tend to last a long time and can be used on multiple projects, which really saves money.

Unique customization

Fabric paintings are a great way for people to express their uniqueness and personalize a garment that allows them to truly express who they are. Not only can they be used to create artistic expression, but fabric painting can help you create fun and original items that you can wear anywhere or save for a specific moment. You can buy fabric paint in all kinds of colors. You can even buy paint that shows up under black light! Fabric paints are generally non-toxic, so they are also safe for children to use for their art projects.

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